How is the iPad Pro Mini-LED display different from before?

How is the iPad Pro Mini-LED display different from before?

Expectations are finally over, and Apple has unveiled an iPad based on the powerful M1 chip. Among the list of features and specifications of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, there are exciting things, including the graphics performance of 1500 times the original iPad Pro, but one of the most important features of the Apple tablet is its advanced display.

The new iPad Pro is available in 11- and 12.9-inch sizes. But the larger model has an important difference from the 11-inch model, and that is equipped with a more advanced display. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro, similar to the Pro XDR display, uses a Liquid Retina XDR panel based on mini-LED technology. In short, thanks to Mini-LED technology, the production of LCD screens becomes more efficient and effective. This technology uses smaller LEDs in the display panel, thus increasing the number of diodes. As a result, it is possible to control the light more precisely and regionally, and the images are brighter and with better contrast.

According to Apple, the new display uses ten thousand LEDs; While in the previous model, only 72 were used. Thanks to this number of LEDs, Apple has made it possible to divide the screen light into 2596 areas for the iPad Pro. The display of this tablet has a brightness of 1000 nits and can reach a maximum of 1600 nits. The contrast ratio of this display is very high one to one million.

Apple also says that the 12.9-inch iPad Retina XDR Retina XDR liquid display is 100% calibrated at the factory to ensure color accuracy. The display can display 5.59 million pixels and also supports P3 color space.

According to Apple, thanks to this advanced display, professional content producers including photographers, videographers and filmmakers can display HDR content on this display. [با کیفیت بالا] View and edit. It also supports HDR and Dolby Vision content, similar to the 11-inch model.

The 11-inch iPad Pro retails for a base price of $ 799, but for the 12.9-inch model you have to set aside $ 1,099. Registration of iPad Pro order will start on 10th of Ordibehesht and its supply will start from the first half of June.

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