How much does it cost to replace a Tiba model 1400 license plate? + Compare with office price

هزینه تعویض پلاک تیبا مدل 1400 چقدر است؟ + مقایسه با قیمت دفترخانه

Tiba car is an upgraded version of Pride that is very popular among Iranians, especially young people. But with the removal of official offices from the car transfer process, the question arises that How much does it cost to replace a Tiba model 1400 license plate?.

It was announced a while ago that Official offices no longer have a role in the license plate replacement process And instead of going to the court, people should enter the country’s tax affairs system and hand over the car. In the following, we will take a look at the cost of replacing the Tiba 1400 license plate to see which method is more cost-effective for applicants.

Office fees Cost at the license plate replacement center
Taxation 927,000 Tomans 927,000 Tomans
License plate fee 375,000 Tomans
Registration and cadastre rights 927,000 Tomans
Copyright 467,800 Tomans
Value added copyright 42,102 Tomans
Electronic issuance of official document 15,000 Tomans
total expenses 2,378,902 Tomans + municipal tolls 1,302,000 Tomans + municipal tolls

As you see, The total cost of replacing the Tiba model 1400 license plate without the intervention of the office is equal to 1 million and 302 thousand Tomans and in the office is approximately equal to 2 million 379 thousand Tomans.. Therefore, one can refute the claim of offices that the process is more expensive.

Should be mentioned Applicants must also cross the municipal toll barrier to complete the car transfer process. Municipal duties are equal to one thousandth of the factory sale price for domestic cars and equal to one thousandth of the customs value for foreign cars, and each person must pay the specified amount in full.

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