How much will it cost to make the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

How much will it cost to make the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Recently, news and rumors have been published that according to them, the price of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will increase compared to the current generation, and this issue has caused concern for users. As mentioned, this price increase is due to the increase in the cost of making the iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max, and in this article we want to The cost of making these phones to estimate

The cost of making iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple plans to include new and varied features for its new flagship phone, and because of these upgrades and features, the company may have to increase the final price of these phones. Just last week, it was reported that according to new estimates, the cost of manufacturing each iPhone 15 Pro device will increase by about 20 percent compared to each iPhone 14 Pro device. Based on this report, we can estimate the final price of this phone. Currently, each iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB mmWave 5G device costs Apple about $474 to make.

A 20% increase in manufacturing cost means that Apple will have to spend $94.8 more to make each iPhone 15 Pro Max device, which means that the full price of this phone will be $568.8 for Apple. If Apple raises the consumer price of this phone by $100 and increases the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max 128GB mmWave 5G phone to $1,199, it will make only $5.2 more profit per device, including the $94.8 increase in costs.

New technologies are expensive

This number is only related to the manufacturing costs, and in this calculation, we have not included the costs of marketing, logistics and supply chain, software development, etc., and the total costs of Apple for the release of this phone will eventually increase by more than 100 dollars. Why does Apple have to increase the price of these phones? If we leave aside the special financial and economic conditions of these days, the main factor that increases Apple’s costs is the use of the latest hardware technology of the day. Apple plans to use TSMC’s 3nm wafers for the A17 Bionic processor, and Apple’s decision itself has a huge impact on iPhone manufacturing costs.

In addition to the new processor, Apple’s Pro iPhones are also expected to have a periscopic camera and a bezel-less display, and both features will have a big impact on the manufacturing costs of these phones. Apple has maintained the $999 iPhone Pro price tag for years, but the world’s economic changes during this time have been too big for the Cupertino giant to continue with the same price. Keep in mind, though, that these are just speculations, and it’s possible that Apple will eventually find a way to minimize its own cost increases.

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