How to add Persian misspell to Chrome browser?

How to add Persian misspell to Chrome browser?

It has happened to all of us that we have a misspelling in a text and for some reason we may not have been able to fix it. If you are a content creator, you are more likely to have this problem. One practical way to prevent this problem is to use the ability to detect spelling mistakes in the Chrome browser. Therefore, we want to teach you how to activate the Persian spell checker feature in Chrome.

As the most popular browser on the market, Google Chrome offers many features to its users, one of which is the ability to detect spelling errors. This feature of Chrome browser is not limited to English and you can also enable it for Persian. This will notify you of a misspelling when you write an article in the WordPress editor.

For information on how to activate Persian spelling checker in Chrome, stay tuned to Digito.

Activation of Persian spell checker in Chrome

If you are a user of Chrome browser, you can enable such a feature in it and add Persian language to it. Activating this feature is very simple and only takes a few minutes. You need to go to the settings of this browser to get started.

On the Settings page in the left bar, click Advanced. In the menu that opens, select Language. In this section, you must enable the Spell Check option. It is not bad to know that you can also access such a section in the settings by searching for the word Spell. At the top of this section, there is a language option, to which you must add Persian in addition to English.

Click the Language drop-down menu and select Add languages. In the window that opens, type Persian or Persian to find the Persian language, select it and finally click Add.

Persian spelling checker in Chrome

In the Spell Check section, there are two options, Basic and Enhanced, which you can choose according to your needs. The second option provides you with an advanced Persian debugger.

Persian spelling checker in Chrome

There is an option called Use spell check for that you can activate for Persian language. At the bottom of this section is the Customize spell check option, which, when selected, takes you to a new page to add personal and custom words.

With just these few steps, Persian spell checker is activated in Chrome and you can use it in the editor. If you type a word incorrectly, a red line will appear below it. Right-clicking on the wrong word opens a menu with the correct spelling of the word at the top, which, when clicked, replaces the wrong word.

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In addition to this red line, a gray line may appear below some words, indicating another type of error. This line refers to the semicolon or extra space between words, and by right-clicking on them, you will be presented with a menu with the correct spelling.

By displaying these lines below the words, you will have less trouble writing a text and your spelling mistakes will be minimized.

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