How to buy land in Metavars?

How to buy land in Metavars?

Buy land in Metavars To one of the topics investment It has become today, and as many in the physical world buy land and property, Buy virtual land There is also metamorphosis in the world and it is receiving a lot of attention.

But many questions about Buy land in Metavars In this article, we are going to answer some of the most important ones so that you can choose the right land and implement your construction plan in it if you wish.

in which Metavarsi project Buy land? Land prices How much is in Metavars? How to choose the land you want to buy? Which plots of land for investment And Buy Are they better? How to pay for the land you want to buy? To selling the land Purchased What should we do? What risks might people who buy land in Metavars face? And many other questions that may arise for the buyers of Metavarsi land?

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Virtual Land Purchase: Which Project?

There are different projects in Metavars and users can invest in different projects according to their interests. But if you are planning to buy land in the most famous or in other words most popular projects, you can go to projects such as buying land in Dicentralland (Decentraland) and Sandbox (Sandbox) Go. Land acquisition in each of these projects has many similarities and differences.

Benefits and applications of buying virtual land

Perhaps the question arises that basically Buy land in Metavars What are its advantages and applications? As some people aim investment Or they buy construction in real life, there are similar conditions in the meta-world.

  • What is Metavars?

Some users have purchased meta-fields and none Construction They do not, but keep the earth the same Price It will increase over time and it will later be sold at a higher price.

Some users too the earth Purchased allow and through Receive rent They make a profit and at the same time keep the land so that its price goes up. But in the meantime, there are users who, in addition to buying land, have more plans for it and are building on it.

It is interesting to know that just as in the real world it is possible to get loans and construction in the physical realm, such conditions in متاورس Is also valid and users can with وام To receive. Build and easily sell commercial and residential units.

What should we do before buying land?

If you are one of the people who want to enter the market Buy land in Metavars You need to first open your account in the project you want. It should also Digital currency wallet Note that another article describes in detail how to open an account in Metavars and digital wallet.

To buy land in Metavars, you need to have virtual currency in your digital wallet. For example, in the Dissentland project, you can use Ramzar Mana (MANA) or Atrium Buy land. Or to buy land in the sandbox you need dedicated passwords Document (SAND) in your digital wallet and make the payment through it.

Digital wallet in Metavars

As stated for Buy land Or any item Another in Metavars requires users to have a digital wallet.

There are several digital wallets on the market for cryptocurrencies, but the most popular are wallets. متامسک (MetaMask) pointed out. The Decentralland website offers MetamSk software wallets and Ledger hardware wallets for secure connection of its users.

Land Acquisition in Decentraland – Decentraland

“Ariel Mitchell” and “Esteban Ordano” in 2015 project Dicentralland (Decentraland) launched for the first time. Dicentraland is a virtual world based on the Atrium China blockchain, and users in this virtual world can Land and real estate Also buy and sell.

Decentralland virtual domains are categorized into segments, and each segment is essentially an NFT token that users use with a Decentralland proprietary token. Mana (MANA) or by payment Atrium They buy.

Some plots of land in Metavars are in a better location and have a higher price, and some plots have a lower price.

To buy land first go to Website Decentralland enter. Then enter a section called marketplace You can see the items that can be purchased. in the market Dicentralland There is a section for buying land that shows the land for sale.


The price of each plot of land is also listed next to it. The price of some plots of land or LAND should be with Ramzarz Mana (MANA) and some parts can be paid with Atrium Bought.

Before buying land, first see its coordinates on the map. Just click on the desired plot of land to enter the map of Dissentland Genesis City Is called. All plots of land along with the streets are visible on the map.

In Decentralland the streets with Gray Are displayed. The parts for sale are bolded on the map in a different color so that users can see the location of the land on the map and by selecting it can find out its price.


As you can see on the Genesis City map, the areas for sale are in color Blue Are visible. Background Gray The paint has already been sold and the owner does not intend to sell his land. Neighborhoods are also colored Purple And virtual city squares with color Green Are displayed.

Dimensions of each plot of land in Decentralland

Dimensions of each plot of land or LAND In Dicenterland 16 by 16 meters Which can be displayed with NFT token. The dimensions of each plot of land or LAND are fixed, but if investors want to build a commercial complex on their land, for example, they have to buy several plots of land next to each other to have a larger plot of land, but the smallest unit of land in Decentralland. 16 by 16 meters Or a piece of LAND.

Which plots of land to invest and Buy Are they better?

On the map Dicentralland Users can easily see the coordinates of their desired land on the map. In land sale information متاورسی It is well known on which street the plot of land is located and at what distance from the land in question the main building or street.

Areas close to commercial centers or Location Have a good price compared to the main streets and squares have a higher price.

Land for investment in Metavars

For example a piece of land next to The main square Located at a relatively higher price than land farther away.

Just as location is important in the purchase of physical land, there are similar conditions in the purchase of land in Metavars, and Location Land is important and it affects the price of land and even its subsequent increase in prices.

Land prices in Metavers, Centralland

By referring to the map Genesis City Users can easily see the land for sale. The price of each plot of land is also specified next to the location. To buy land in Dicentraland Users must be on wallet Have their own mana or atrium ciphers.

Some areas of Decentralland can be purchased by paying Mana digital currency, while others can be purchased based on Atrium.

  • How to enter Metavars?

Land prices by Seller Characterized. Undoubtedly, if the seller has set an astronomical or high price for the land, he will not be very lucky and users may not be willing to buy it.

In the land purchase market in Dicentralland There is another possibility for users to announce their desired price to the seller. Some sellers allow buyers to announce the price they want to buy.

For example may be the seller for the land A certain price But has activated another option so that if the user wants to announce his bid price, if the seller wants to sell the land at that price.

Buy land in Metavars

For this, it is enough for the buyer to enter the section bid And announce your desired price. If other buyers have announced their offer price, in the section Buy land Is visible.


Buy land in the sandbox

Sandbox (Sandbox) in 2011 by the company Pixowl It was launched, but it was able to quickly open its place among users and gained a certain popularity. Sandbox on the blockchain Atrium And users can earn money through the game and various items in the game or on the field Sandbox To buy. It is also possible to buy land and various items through the software wallet.

It can be said that another popular project for Buy land in MetavarsBuy in Sandbox.

To buy land in the sandbox, it is enough to enter first Sandbox website Become. Option is enough to buy land market‌ And then lands Select from the menu on the left.

It is worth mentioning in the market Sandbox There are several items to buy and LAND shopping is another item in this store.

Buy land in the sandbox

In this section you can easily Field ads See which is for sale. In the sandbox, it is also possible to view the location of the earth so that users can see the exact coordinates of the earth.

In the sandbox, investors can go through Document ciphers (SAND) which is the exclusive digital currency of Sandbox and also Ramzarz Atrium ETH NFT It is considered to buy.

Buy land in the sandbox

To buy land in Sandbox It is also necessary for investors Digital wallet And connect it to the sandbox platform. Connecting to a digital wallet is also easy.

Again in the sandbox Virtual land prices It depends on various parameters such as the location of the land and the decision of the seller. The seller can set a price to sell his land and if buyers see it as appropriate, they will buy.

Dimensions of each plot of land in the sandbox

Dimensions of each plot or LAND in the sandbox 96 by 96 meters Which can be displayed with NFT token. The dimensions of each plot of land or LAND in the sandbox are the same as in Dincentland, but if investors want to, for example. Commercial Complex They have to buy several plots of land next to each other to have a larger plot of land, but the smallest unit of land in Disinland is 16 meters by 16 meters or one plot. LAND These dimensions are considered to be 96 by 96 meters in the sandbox.

Risks and risks of buying virtual land in Metavars

Buy land in Metavars It can also have risks and dangers. Just as entering such a virtual world has brought many benefits to some users, on the other hand, some users have invested in areas where their project has failed and they have lost their assets.

One of the dangers that threatens investors in this field is that Project Metavarsi will lose its golden days for some reason and the purchased lands will become worthless.

Some analysts have a bright future for Metamorphic fields they see. But it should not be forgotten that every investment can have its strengths and weaknesses, and we should not think only of the high profitability and financial return of such investments.

Some analysts also believe that if at the time Project selection Care should be taken to purchase and select the transfer land and thorough investigations should be performed to greatly reduce the possibility of capital loss.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Land in Metavars

How to buy land in Metavars?

To buy land in Metavars, you must first select the project you want and register in it. Then you have to have a digital currency and buy land using cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular wallets is Metamsk.

What are the land acquisition projects in Metavars?

Projects for land acquisition in Metavars include Disentlandland and Sandbox.

What is the price of land in Metavars?

The price of Metavars lands can be very different and even astronomical depending on the project and the seller.

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