How to copy files faster in Windows?

How to copy files faster in Windows?

Copying files in Windows can be a time-consuming and painful process. However, you can speed up this process and we want to teach you ways to speed up copy in Windows 10.

Although in Windows 10 we do not have problems with Windows 7 and older versions for copying files, but it is possible to increase the copy speed in this operating system. Follow Digito to learn how to increase copy speed in Windows 10.

Keyboard shortcuts to increase copy speed in Windows 10

Shortcuts are one of the best ways to copy files faster, which works in almost all programs and file explorer. To copy, paste and transfer files, you need to know the relevant shortcuts to do them faster.

The most important shortcuts for copying, pasting and transferring files are as follows:

  • Press Ctrl + X to move or cut a file. These keys remove the file from the current location and prepare it for transfer to another location. When you paste a file in the new location, it is removed from the original location.
  • Use Ctrl + C to copy files. Copy has the same function as cut, except that the file remains in the original location and is copied in the second location.
  • Use Ctrl + V shortcuts to paste the file to the destination. With these keys, the copied or cut file is inserted into the new location.

For File Explorer, we do not only encounter the above shortcuts. For example, if you want to create a new folder, you can do so easily and quickly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N. You can go to the previous and next folders by pressing the Alt key left and right. If you press the Alt and Up keys, you will go to the previous folder.

Finally, if you press Ctrl + A, all the content in the folder is selected. With these shortcuts, you can easily move all the files to a new folder without having to select them individually.

Mouse shortcuts to increase copy speed

If you prefer a mouse instead of a keyboard, you can still speed up copying in Windows 10, but it’s not as simple as a keyboard. However, there are several ways to increase copy speed.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the files to select them. It does not matter where the files are located, you can select them as long as you hold down the Ctrl key. If you want to select multiple files in a row, click on the first file and then hold down the Shift key to click on the last file.

Normally left-clicking on files and dragging them to another folder will move them. However, if you right-click on them and drag them to the new folder, a small menu will appear in front of you. In this menu you can specify the copy or transfer of files that will work for you if you prefer the mouse over the keyboard.

Optimal use of the copy process in Windows 10

Windows 8 and 10 have a better user interface for copying files than Windows 7. In these two operating systems, not only the copy speed is increased, but also the file transfer speed is provided to you through a chart.

If you are copying multiple files at the same time, all of them will be displayed in one window and you will not have to deal with multiple floating windows. Additionally, you can pause or resume each copying process individually, so you can prioritize them.

Increase copy speed in Windows

One of the best features of copying a file in Windows 10 is that it does not stop the process completely if there is a problem with it. The file copy process continues in this operating system and you can fix the problems.

Try TeraCopy

Increase copy speed in Windows

The above methods are simple and make it easy to speed up copying in Windows, however you can go for custom programs to experience higher speeds, one of the most popular of which is TeraCopy.

This app gives you more features than the default features of Windows. This program uses various algorithms to increase the copy speed in Windows. The app can also verify copied files to make sure they are the same. If you often drag and drop files by mistake, you can enable verification to prevent this.

If you wish, you can merge TeraCopy with File Explorer to perform all copy and paste operations by default through this program. TeraCopy is a free app, but you can also download the full version with more features.

Use the Robocopy tool

Increase copy speed in Windows

If you have no problem using the Command Prompt, you can use the Robocopy tool or the powerful copy of the file. Such a tool is useful for professional users who want to perform complex file copy operations.

Using this tool makes duplicating files much easier to do. To use Robocopy, you must open the Command Prompt or PowerShell command. The command starts with robocopy and requires several parameters depending on what you want to do. Not all of these parameters can be covered in this article, so you can Microsoft Help Page Go or phrase to access instructions? Type / robocopy in the command prompt.

If you want to replicate a copy process on a regular basis, consider creating a batch file that is double-clicked on the process.

Upgrade the system hard drive

While all of the above are software, we should also mention the importance of hardware. In fact, one of the most important ways to increase copy speed in Windows 10 is the same hardware.

As you know, hard disk drive (HDD) is slower than SSD memory, and in this regard, the process of copying the same files on the SSD is faster than the HDD.

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If you have not yet purchased an SSD for your system, you can consider purchasing it to have a different experience from your computer. For how to replace a laptop hard drive with SSD memory, you can refer to this Digito article.

In addition to computer storage space, older technologies for external devices can also have a negative effect on copy speed. For example, file transfer speeds with USB 2.0 are slower than USB 3.0, so you need to buy modern equipment to experience the best speed.

There are several ways to speed up copy in Windows 10. Software methods such as keyboard and mouse shortcuts, as well as apps like TeraCopy, do not cost you much, but the last method, replacing the HDD with an SSD, is expensive. Despite this, buying an SSD gives your system a new lease of life, especially if it is not new.

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