How to create a professional resume with Microsoft Word?

چگونه با مایکروسافت ورد یک رزومه حرفه‌ای بسازیم؟

Word is one of the most useful Microsoft applications that gives you a lot of functionality. This software contains several tools and templates for creating a resume. In this regard, we want to teach you how to create a professional resume using Word.

Many companies use job seeker tracking software or the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which looks for keywords, specific colors, and design formats in your resume. If the resume is not optimal or does not have a standard design, it may be rejected by the ATS or an employer.

Sharing work experiences and skills is the first step in getting the employer to comment. Join Digito to learn how to build a professional resume with Microsoft Word.

Why use a resume template?

Designing a resume from the ground up and adding the right content to it is certainly time consuming and that is why we go to the template template. Microsoft Word resume templates are created by professional designers and are in line with industry standards.

Using Microsoft templates increases the chances of influencing the recruiter, and of course your resume meets the required standards.

Choose the right resume template

Now that you know the importance of a template for resume writing, you need to know how to choose the right template. Microsoft has several resume templates for different jobs. Designers or artists usually use templates with prominent visual elements.

These elements help them to display their portfolios such as works of art, designs or images well. In contrast, technicians or sales professionals prefer simple two-color molds.

We should mention that the resume template is in English Word, so it is used to create an English resume, but you can translate the titles of the templates into Persian and create a Persian resume with the same format.

Build a professional resume with Microsoft Word

How to choose a suitable template and create a resume? The following steps will guide you in this direction:

  • Open Microsoft Word and click New.
  • Click “Resumes and Cover Letter” below the search bar. Instead, you can type Resumes in the search bar.

  • Templates are displayed.

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  • Browse through this list and click Pin to use templates in the future.
  • To preview a template, just click on it. If you do not like the template, click on the arrow around it to continue browsing. Of course, you can also close it by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the screen.

Creating a professional resume

  • Once you have found the resume you are looking for, just click on Create to create a resume.
  • Delete unrelated sections. For example, if you are a recent graduate, you probably do not have any work experience.
  • Write the information about yourself instead of the text in the resume template, but be careful not to delete the spaces between paragraphs as the overall format of the template will be confused.

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  • Add titles related to your job. For example, if you are an experienced person who has been in the business for many years, you can add achievements and references to your resume.

Creating a professional resume

  • Click Save.

Use LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word

When you are building a resume in newer versions of Microsoft Word, the LinkedIn Resume Assistant will be displayed in the right pane. To display this feature, go to File and Options and enable it in the General tab, in the section on LinkedIn features. Now on the Review tab, enable the Resume Assistant option.

LinkedIn Resume Assistant shows examples of relevant profiles related to you on this social network. If you need an idea to improve your resume, use the LinkedIn Assistant with the following steps:

  • Enter your LinkedIn account information, job title and industry.
  • Click Get Started. Examples of public profiles are now displayed based on the information you enter.
  • Click the arrow option to filter the samples based on similar skills.

Creating a professional resume

  • Click Read More to see more details.

Fix resume problems

Any misspellings or grammars have a negative effect on the employer. That’s why after writing a resume, you have to edit it. To do this, you can use your built-in Word tool to check grammar and spelling.

Wrong format, excessive spacing of words and the like can also negatively affect the quality of your resume. For this reason, you can read the resume in Read Mode or Print Layout without any distractions. This will make it easier for you to find your resume errors.

Creating a professional resume

Finally, print your resume and read it again on paper. Identify possible bugs and fix them.

Creating a professional resume with Microsoft Word is only possible with a few steps above, however if you are not interested in using this program, you can go to online resume builders.

If the resume you created is in English and you want to submit it to a foreign company, you can submit it to several sites for review. To get acquainted with the best resume review sites, you can go to This article is Digito See.

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