How to download your Twitter data archive?

How to download your Twitter data archive?

These days, Twitter is undergoing a lot of big and small changes (both in its management team and in how the social network works). You may not be happy with the changes and may even consider leaving this controversial social network, or you may even be determined to stay and see what happens. However, when an online social network is faced with such a storm of changes, the best thing to do is to make a backup copy of your data. This feature is known as archive on Twitter, but how Twitter data archive Download yourself?

  • It will be possible to send long text on Twitter
  • Former Twitter employees sued the company for mass layoffs

Save archive of Twitter data

According to Twitter’s support page, your account information archive includes account information, search history, the apps and devices you used to access it, any accounts you’ve blocked or muted, all interests and other advertising data that Twitter provides to you. indexed, and your tweet history can be archived.

You might think to yourself that when your Twitter archive contains these various things, then how to download it can be very complicated and difficult, but it is interesting to know that the request to download your archived content on Twitter is very simple.

It is best to make a backup copy of your data.  This feature is known as archive in Twitter, but how to download the archive of your Twitter data?

On the Twitter web page, go to the left menu and click More. In the mobile app, tap your personal icon in the top left corner.
Then select Settings and Support > Settings and Privacy > Your Account.
Click on Download an archive of your data. You may be asked to verify your account.
Click on Request Archive.
According to Twitter, it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive a link that allows you to download your archived data.

Once you have received all your data, you can easily choose whether or not to leave your account. Whatever happens, at least now you have a record of your Twitter tenure.

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