How to edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word?

چگونه یک فایل PDF را درون مایکروسافت ورد ویرایش کنیم؟

Editing a PDF file is not usually easy, but thanks to new features added by Microsoft, it can be done easily with Word software and there is no need to install additional tools and programs.

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In the past, editing a PDF file required special editing software such as Adobe Acrobat, and the editing process did not seem easy and fun. Fortunately, in recent versions of Microsoft Word, the feature of editing PDFs natively has been made available to users, greatly reducing the hassle of doing so. To take advantage of this feature, all you need to do is install Word 2013 or later on your device.

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Import a PDF file into Word

Before you can edit a PDF file in Word, you must import the file into the software environment. After opening Word, select File from the menu on the left and then click Open. You can now select the file from the newly opened documents. You can also click on the Browse button to select your file from the desired path. If you can not see the desired file in the destination folder, make sure that the All Files or PDF Files option is selected in the format selection drop-down menu.

Convert PDF file

After selecting the desired PDF file, a new window will be displayed to convert it to a format that can be used by Microsoft Word. Note that the process of converting and uploading PDF files will typically take a little longer than other Word-supported formats. Also, during the conversion process, some of the main structures in the PDF file will be lost, including footnotes, spacing between pages, columns, tables, and margins.

1636131777 288 How to edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word How to edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word? 2

Another change made during the PDF conversion process is related to the document font, which may change to the default Word options. This is due to differences in performance between major PDF document creators and editing programs such as Word. Microsoft claims that the structure of texts alone does not change much, but this is more the case for tables, charts and footnotes. Files with the above items will probably take longer to load.

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After completing the conversion and uploading process, it is better to check the different parts and structures of the file before any editing and return them to the correct state if necessary. For example, the image above shows the difference in loading two different files; Because one of them does not have special text-related features and is easily identified by Word.

Edit PDF file

By opening the PDF file in Word software environment, it will be possible to edit it. Users can delete or add different sections and change the overall structure of the document. There will be the ability to change charts, tables and all elements in the document. Resizing page margins along with the overall size of the screen can also help create an integrated file. For example, in the image below, a new table has been added to the file and some changes have been made to the text.

1636131778 384 How to edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word How to edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word? 6

Edit images in PDF files

As mentioned in the previous sections, Word also allows you to add images to PDF files. Users can apply various changes including cropping, changing status, changing alternative text and placing text on images. Photo structure items such as shading, reflection, border change, and 2D and 3D effects are also available.

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To access all of the above, just right-click on the image and then select one from Size and Position or Format Picture. The features that Word provides its users are far greater than the online PDF editing tools that have been used extensively in the past. In general, it is possible to get PDF output from Word documents, and small businesses can take advantage of it. Companies that intend to protect their content under copyright law will also be able to put passwords on output files. Using the Read Only feature, you can also prevent the conversion of files and edit them in the future.

Get output from PDF file

Once the edits are complete, it is possible to save the document in PDF format again. To do this, first go to the File menu and then select the Save as option. From the Save as Type drop-down menu, select the PDF format as shown below.

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Output file optimization is another Word feature that is available in both Standard and Minimum modes. In the first case, the optimization process is done for online publishing or physical printing, while in the second case, it is limited to online publishing only. You can also select other options to receive the output; For example, after going to the Files menu, click Export and then select Create PDF / XPS Document.

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Important tips for editing a PDF file

Note that the 2013 version of Microsoft Word can only edit convertible text; As a result, some other elements may not be seen in the final file or it may not be possible to edit them. This is also true for the interactive features of PDF files, and it is possible that incomprehensible texts are generated by Word failing to convert them to text.

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If you are using older versions of Word, it is best to save the PDF file in docx format first. do. Of course, this is not necessary in Office 365 or later versions of Word. Microsoft is still improving the ability to convert PDF files in Word, so you may encounter problems in some areas. For example, some complex PDF files, such as the image above, do not display well in Word, where images and backgrounds are not loaded well.

Microsoft is constantly trying to add new features to its Office suite, and Word has received several updates in recent years. With the release of Office 365, there is no need to buy new versions and users can use the latest Microsoft applications by paying a subscription.

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