How to have optimally sized stories on Instagram?

چگونه استوری‌هایی با اندازه بهینه در اینستاگرام داشته باشیم؟

According to the data published by Instagram, half of the users of this social network are constantly publishing stories, and this number is constantly increasing. The use of stories is not limited to personal user accounts, and business pages are constantly attracting audiences through them. One of the important points in this regard is knowing The optimal size of Instagram story Which can make them more attractive; Therefore, in the following, we will examine the best size and the importance of using it.

The optimal size of Instagram stories

The original size of Instagram stories should be equal to 1080 (Width) in 1920 (Length) pixels, which is equivalent to 1080p resolution. Of course, lower resolution stories can be shared on this social network, but the width of the images should not be less than 500 pixels. PNG and JPEG formats along with GIF can be used in stories.

If you use Instagram’s built-in camera to capture a story, you do not need to worry about the size of the output; Because the ratio and resolution mentioned in the photos are automatically observed. But if you are using the camera app of the device or other shooting devices, it is better to adjust the desired image dimensions (9 to 16) before starting work. You can also crop images with inappropriate dimensions with image editing software to get the desired size for use in Instagram stories.

The importance of Instagram story size

The dimensions provided by Instagram for the stories are defined to ensure that high quality images are uploaded and displayed correctly on most mobile phones. Using the size mentioned in the previous section, you can from Unwanted change of story dimensions And avoid reducing its quality and record more interesting stories in which no part of the page is left blank.

Instagram story size

If you upload inappropriately sized images to your Instagram stories, the extra sections will be cut off automatically, or sections of the page will be left blank. In the image above you can see the difference between a photo with the right size (left) and not the right size (right).

Safe area in Instagram stories

Safe area In Instagram stories, it refers to the part of the page where there is no possibility of cutting or placing other elements on the photo. Instagram automatically shows this to the user with blue lines when moving graphic elements. For example, if you try to move an element such as time or a sticker to the corner of the page, you will encounter a limit similar to the image below. Lines are also available to show the center of the page when adding different items to stories.

Instagram story size

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Story Size

What is the best size for an Instagram story?

The optimal size for photos in Instagram stories is 1080 by 1920 pixels, which is a 9 to 16 aspect ratio. The minimum width of usable images should be 500 pixels.

What image formats can be used in Instagram stories?

Users can share PNG and JPEG images along with GIFs in Instagram stories.

What video formats are supported in Instagram stories?

To embed video in Instagram stories, you must use files in MP4 and MOV formats.

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