How to identify authorized sites for holding computer competitions in the country?

چگونه سایت‌های مجاز برگزاری مسابقات رایانه‌ای در کشور را تشخیص دهیم؟

If you are a fan of computer games and interested in participating in competitions in this field, you should be fully acquainted with the authorized sites for holding this category of competitions. Familiarity may come at the cost of misusing your identity information or emptying your bank account.

National Computer Games Foundation Recently released a video about the terms and features Authorized sites Holding Computer competitions Has provided information.

According to the center, the site that organizes computer competitions must, in addition to this, have a license from the National Computer Games Foundation. Also, refrain from offering illegal games that are inappropriate for the age group of the audience and do not involve any betting or non-transparent financial exchanges.

This foundation reminds sites and centers interested in holding such events that in order to hold an online or face-to-face computer contest, you must contact the relevant institution. License To take. The licensing process takes 15 days and is possible by submitting documents and inquiring about the games used. The organizer must submit the required documents at least one month before the call for the competition, including the competition plan, the necessary guarantee for awarding prizes, and so on.

Individuals can also contact the National Computer Games Foundation Advice Center and call 02158129 to find out about the competition license or to complain about the sites that hold such competitions.

Including violations Holding competitions Prizes can be obtained by the organizer, his agents or the judges of the competition; … Non-awarding of prizes according to the announced conditions, non-observance of time period and change of place and level of holding and… pointed out.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, some unlicensed websites have repeatedly held computer competitions and provided fake portals, bank accounts of people interested in these events who intended to register and deposit money to participate in the competitions; They have emptied. Therefore, it is necessary to check the license before registering for such competitions.

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