How to insert a PDF file into Word?

چگونه یک فایل PDF را درون ورد قرار دهیم؟

It is possible to use Word and PDF files for the same purpose, however we have two completely different formats. Of course, you might want to add a PDF file to Word and combine them. In this article, we want to teach you how to put PDF in Word.

There are several ways to insert PDF into Word, including copying and pasting text from PDF into Word, using screenshots, and importing PDF directly into Word. Stay tuned to Digito for more on these methods.

1. Insert PDF into Word as a screenshot

If there is something like a picture or math equation in your PDF file that you want to put in Word, taking a screenshot of it is a good idea. This way, you can extract a photo from PDF and insert it into Word.

To do this, open the PDF and press Windows + Shift + S inside the Windows operating system. On a Mac OS, press Shift + Command + 4.

Left-click and place the mouse pointer over the part you want to copy. This saves the image inside the clipboard. Now you need to go to the Word file and right-click where you want this image to be located and click on the Picture icon under the paste options.

How to insert a PDF file into Word How to insert a PDF file into Word? 2

By selecting the image, you can set its profile, such as its position, in the Format tab at the top bar of the Office program. One of the problems with this method is that the image is static and you can not edit the text inside it. Therefore, such an approach is suitable for images in which there is not much text.

How to convert PDF file to photo

The above method is suitable for when you want to take a photo of a section or two pages of a PDF file. However, if the PDF file has many pages, the above method will take you a long time.

A better way is to convert PDF to a photo. The easiest way to do this is to use a free online service PDF to Image Is.

Insert PDF into Word

Inside the site, click Upload Files, and after finding the PDF file on your system, click OK. Wait until the file is uploaded and converted and finally select the Download All option.

This will provide you with a ZIP file that contains all the pages of the PDF file as a single image. In Word, go to Insert> Pictures from the top bar and click on Insert by selecting JPG files.

2. Copy and paste text from PDF file into Word

If you are dealing with a simple PDF file and it consists mostly of text, one of the best things to do to transfer it to a Word file is to copy and paste it.

Insert PDF into Word

To get started, open the PDF file and left-click on it and drag the mouse pointer to where you want it to highlight the text. Now right-click on the selected area and select Copy.

Read the text you want after the paste in the Word file, because there may be problems with it. In fact, the copy and paste method is applicable to plain text, but if we are faced with an advanced format, there is no 100% guarantee that this method will work properly. In this case, you have to look for letters and even missing lines.

Import the entire PDF as text

If you want to put the whole PDF file as text in Word, you can go for a better method instead of copying and pasting each page separately.

Insert PDF into Word

Open the Word file and click Insert on the top bar. In the Text section, click the down arrow next to the Object option and then select the … Text from File option.

Find and select the PDF file you want and finally click on Insert. A message will appear stating that this may take some time, and of course it warns you about the possibility of changing the text format. Click OK.

When done, the entire PDF file will appear as text within the Word document. This method generally preserves the format better than the copy and paste method.

3. Insert PDF into Word as Object

You can embed a PDF as an Object in Word, which means you can easily access PDFs through a Word document. This file can also be updated automatically depending on the options you select. To do this, open the Word file and go to the Insert tab in the top bar. In the Text section, click the Object option.

Insert PDF into Word

In the window that opens, go to the Create from File tab and click on the … Browse option. Find and select the PDF file and finally click on Insert.

Here you can just click OK to insert a still image of the first page of the PDF into the Word document. Double-clicking on this image will open the PDF file. Instead, you can select the Link to file option, which, although it still inserts the first image of the PDF file into Word, will automatically apply to Word if any changes are made to the PDF file.

If you do not want the first PDF page to appear, select Display as icon. By default, this option displays your Adobe icon and PDF file name. You can select … Change Icon to display a different icon.

4. Convert PDF to Word

If you want to convert a PDF file completely to a Word document, you can do so within Word itself. In Word, go to File> Open and then select the PDF file you want. At this point, a warning appears that the end result will be optimized to allow text editing, but may not look exactly like the original file. Click OK to continue.

This process takes a long time, especially if you are dealing with a large PDF file, so you have to be patient. Once this process is complete, you can use the PDF file as a Word document.

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