How to recover Call of Duty: Mobile account?

چگونه حساب کاربری Call of Duty: Mobile را بازیابی کنیم؟

Play Call of Duty: Mobile It is one of the most successful titles for smartphones, which was first made available to owners of Android and iOS based devices in 2019. If you’ve tried this game, you probably know that losing user information can be a very unpleasant experience; But fortunately there are ways to do that Returning Call of Duty Mobile account کرد.

Returning Call of Duty Mobile account

Before we get into how to restore a Call of Duty account on mobile, it is better to go to the related features in the game. When you first install Call of Duty: Mobile on your smartphone or tablet, you are presented with three options to continue playing. The first option is titled Guest (Guest) is intended for people who do not intend to create a new account or use an account on other platforms. This mode is suitable for players who only want to have a short and not so serious experience and do not pay much attention to their user data.

Two other options that can be used at the beginning of the game to create an account are accounts Activation Or Facebook Is. If the user selects one of these two options at the beginning of the game, he will face a very simple process to restore the Call of Duty mobile account; Because all the improvements made during the game are also stored online. Also in this situation, even by changing your device, you can continue to use the previous account and you will not face any particular problem.

Unfortunately, in most cases, users select the Guest option at the beginning of the game; As a result, their account information is not stored online. In this case, if you lose access to your device or even delete the game from it, you can no longer log in directly to your account. But there are still methods that may lead to the return of the Call of Duty mobile account; So it’s better to try them.

Restore an account with Facebook

By connecting Call of Duty: Mobile to Facebook profile You can ensure that all the progress made is saved. Also, using the mentioned feature, you can use several devices to play at the same time, and all the changes made in them will be synchronized.

Returning Call of Duty Mobile account

So if in the past you connected your Facebook profile to the game account, all you have to do is log in to the blue option on the first login after reinstalling it. Sign in with Facebook hit. Next, if the Facebook app is already installed on your device, you do not need to enter specific information; Otherwise, you must enter your Facebook account username and password.

Restore Activision account

Another way to store game information online in Call of Duty: Mobile is to use Activision account It can be created completely free of charge. If you have created such an account for yourself in the past, all the changes and enhancements of the game are stored in it and you only need to log in to recover all the data.

Returning Call of Duty Mobile account

To do this, on the first page of the game, click on the Call of Duty option in the middle and continue email Your in the first box and Password Crossing Enter in the second box and finally the key Sign In Now Touch. If you have forgotten your password, you can get an email link by tapping the Forgot Password option, which allows you to reset your password. You may need an IP change tool to load the page at this point.

Recover a hacked account

Activision is a proprietary method for Return the hacked account of Call of Duty Mobile It is considered to be available through its website. To start, enter the following address in your browser and then follow the steps mentioned.


1. If your Activision account is connected to a PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or Battlenet network, select the option on the page. You may then be prompted to enter information related to the selected account. After entering the correct information, the activation account recovery process will take place.

Returning Call of Duty Mobile account

2. If you did not link your Activision account to any of the options listed, click the gray button at the bottom of the page labeled I do not have any account linked.

3. To continue, two options are displayed, you must select one of them. At this point, we assume that you have tried your email and password to log in in the past and encountered an error. For this reason, you must click on the option I Can’t Log In To My Account. The steps may be different for each user and it is enough to follow the displayed instructions; But you will usually need to create a temporary account to go through the rest of the steps.

Returning Call of Duty Mobile account

Note that the method mentioned above only applies to hacked Activision accounts; As a result if your account for any reason بن Or is blacklisted, you can not use this feature. The process of returning a Call of Duty mobile account in this way may take up to 24 hours.

Restore Guest Account (Guest)

It will be a little difficult to restore your Call of Duty mobile account if the improvements and changes made in the game are not saved online. When selecting this mode at the beginning of the game, the user is warned that it is possible to lose all information and it is better to connect the game to an account.

In such a case the only way left, Contact Activision Support Team Is. To do this, you must enter the following address in your browser and then select your game (Call of Duty: Mobile), platform (Android or iOS), topic and problem. You will also need an Activation account to apply for support; As a result, if you do not have such an account, you will have to create a temporary account. Try to explain the details of the game profile in the text of your message.


Restoring game OBB files or using system backups are other solutions that can be used to recover guest accounts; But the chances of success in these methods will not be very high.

Frequently Asked Questions about Returning a Call of Duty Mobile Account

Is it possible to return a Call of Duty mobile account?

If you have previously connected your game profile to your Facebook account with Activision, you can easily restore your Call of Duty mobile account. If you use Guest mode for the game, you will have less chance of recovering your data.

What is it like to return a Call of Duty mobile account in Guest mode?

One of the most common ways to restore your Mobile Call of Duty account as a guest is to contact the Activision support team; But there is no guarantee for data recovery in this method. Recovering OBB files or using a system backup are other ways to restore your Callaud Duty Mobile account.

How to prevent Call of Duty: Mobile data loss?

Attaching a game profile to an online account would be the best way to avoid deleting information. By default, users can use their Facebook account with Activision account to save improvements and changes made to Call of Duty: Mobile.

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