How to rent ecotourism residences in Iran

How to rent ecotourism residences in Iran

Eco-residences in Iran are a relatively new phenomenon that attracts tourists on eco-tourism trips. The ecotourism residences, which are established and opened by the local people in a unique way with the special characteristics and conditions of each region, are a mirror of the whole view of the native culture of the region and the native customs of each region of our beloved Iran.

In Iran, there is as much diversity as the number of eco-tourism residences, because just as you will not find two houses alike in terms of decoration and layout, you cannot find two similar eco-tourism residences either. The owner of each accommodation considers that place as his home and maybe some of the hosts live there. The decoration of eco-tours is also similar to home and this place is a residence and not a hotel with certain characteristics and definitions. But are you familiar with how to rent ecotourism residences in Iran? Find out about this by reading the following article.

Why rent a resort instead of a hotel?

Eco-residences are usually native houses that are established and managed by local people. Unlike hotels, these residences accept a limited number of passengers and have a cozy and quiet environment. Travelers experience a kind of local life by staying in these accommodations. Unlike eco-tours, hotels are large one- or multi-story buildings where a large number of accommodation units are located in a corridor. Since the doors of these rooms open to each other, the noise of other passengers and traffic can be heard in other rooms.

Eco-tours are cozy places, do not have a restaurant in the usual hotel style and have a more limited but local and very authentic food menu. In addition, the eco-tours that are built based on the local characteristics of each region have different types, among which we can mention caper, rock house, black tent, old house and caravanserai, natural camp, village house and many others. These eco-tours are suitable for those who prefer an exciting stay full of discovering new things to an ordinary trip with conventional conditions by renting an eco-tourism accommodation from Jabama.

How to search ecotourism accommodations for rent

The first thing to do when searching Jabama ecotourism lodge Consider, getting to know the eco-tours of the destination city or region. For this, you need to do a complete and accurate search in the Google search engine and search for them by entering the term ecotourism accommodation plus the name of the region or city you intend to travel to. This will take you to websites that are ready to rent eco lodges.

But apart from this method, there is an easier way to rent ecotourism accommodation. You can directly enter this site by entering the address of the Jabama site and choose the easiest path. Even if you don’t know the site address, you can enter the site easily by just writing the word Jobama in the Google search engine. In addition, you can type the keywords ecotourism, destination city and Jabama together in Google and start your search through this easy way.

How to rent ecotourism residences in Iran

Check out the different options on the site

When you enter the site, there are many options in front of you in the destination city. You have the option to choose among these many ecotourism accommodations that Jabama provides. Therefore, we suggest you not to make a reservation quickly after seeing one or two options and search the site thoroughly before that. Some regions, such as the north, south or central parts of Iran, which are visited by more tourists, have a large number of ecotourism resorts.

Some of these eco-tours are so beautiful that staying one or two nights in them is the dream of every person. Their design and decoration methods are so unique and heartwarming that by staying in them, you will feel like the nobles and nobles of the past. That’s why you should explore as many options as possible to find the best fit. Of course, keep in mind that the best and so-called top eco-tours are usually found on the first pages of the search.

How to rent ecotourism residences in Iran

Is there no other way to search for tourism?

We said that one way to search for ecotourism is to enter Jabama from the beginning. This site has a powerful search engine to find what you want. You can enter the name of the destination city, the number of passengers, the date of travel or even the name of the ecotourism you want in the relevant boxes and start the search.

If you enter the name of the destination city, you can see all the options available in the destination, and if you know the name of a special eco-tour that you are planning to visit at the request of friends and acquaintances, you can directly enter it and find the eco-tour. There are also other filters where you can specify the number of rooms, price, accommodation type, area type, accommodation regulations, points, special amenities, equipment and basic amenities.

Check out the different rooms of an eco lodge

It is possible that in the same preliminary search and on the first pages, you find a very suitable eco-tourism accommodation and after seeing its photos, you feel that you like it and would like to rent it, but the room that this accommodation has introduced on the first page is for You are not suitable.

To find the right room in this accommodation, you can go to the next pages or enter the name of that accommodation in the search page of the site to find other ecotourism rooms. In this way, you can see all the available options for that ecotourism and find and rent a room with suitable conditions. It is interesting to know that the rooms of the ecotourism residences mostly have beautiful names that fit the local conditions of the region or the mood of the residence.

How to rent ecotourism residences in Iran

Instant and definite rent after selection

After you have chosen the tour you want, you must book it. On the Jabama website, booking is equivalent to renting, and it is enough to enter the reservation page, enter your personal information, including your name and surname, and those of your companions, the national number and the date of travel. After this, enter the payment page and rent your room by paying the amount.

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