How to run a business without losing control of your life?

چگونه بدون از دست دادن کنترل زندگی خود یک کسب و کار را اداره کنیم؟

The first rule that every business leader must learn from day one is: “If you want your company to grow, you must first grow as a leader.” The main problem, however, is that no one teaches you “how to be a CEO” and we learn everything by trial and error. Furthermore, how can we balance our professional and personal lives?

The 2021 Global Leadership Survey by the DDI (International Development Organization) shows that more than 60% of business leaders feel overwhelmed at the end of the workday, and this greatly affects their personal lives and, consequently, their company. That’s why you need to work on strengthening your leadership first. Many entrepreneurs do not have a proper management system. Here are some ideas for developing your own leadership system:

1. A normal routine frees you up

Entrepreneurs need freedom, so they start a new company. The key to entrepreneurs helping them gain freedom is discipline. If you want to master a particular technique and method, you must first examine its components through a systematic process.

According to Vern Harnish, an experienced consultant and guide, your day-to-day chores are free. However, it is better to have a morning program that will allow you to progress physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

۲. 25-year framework


Silicon Valley entrepreneur and futurist Salim Ismail has conducted an extensive four-year study of global market-leading innovation companies such as Uber, Tesla, SpaceX and Google. In his research, he found that all of these companies had one thing in common as the “Big Transformation Goal” (MTP). Likewise, a company needs MTP to align its employees. You, as a leader, also need to have a long-term vision to coordinate everything and thus progress.

The concept of the 25-year-old framework stems from a book of the same name by Dan Salion. How can you plan your company’s work strategically? How can you run them on a daily basis? The answers to these questions indicate that you need to focus on the long term.

3. Conscious practice


The highest paid people in the world are usually in professions such as sports, entertainment and music. In this type of job, people spend 90% of their time training or practicing and only 10% of their time doing it. Because they spend a lot of time practicing, they usually show up at a high level and their income is naturally high.

In a business, the opposite is true. Business leaders spend about 1 percent of their time learning and 99 percent of the time they plan to get things done. Successful leaders can reverse this scale and focus on training and strategic thinking.

Also, in some cases, you may do the exercises alone and incorrectly. For this reason, it is better to share your exercises consciously with other experts.

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