How to solve the problem of not charging Android phones?

مشکل شارژ نشدن گوشی‌های اندرویدی را چگونه برطرف کنیم؟

You connect your smartphone to the charger, but it does not charge? What is the reason for the problem of not charging the Android phone of different brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi? In this article, we want to teach the reason for not charging the device and also how to fix such a problem for the phone with Android operating system.

In all likelihood, in the perfect case, you do not pay much attention to the charging process of your phone, and you just connect it to the charger and wait for the charging process to be completed. But in the meantime, maybe one day your phone will not charge and the question will come to your mind, where is the problem? Why is the phone not charging?

If you encounter such a situation, you do not need to go to a repairman from the beginning, because there are several simple solutions to solve the problem of not charging your Android phone. In most cases, the reason for not charging the phone is not complicated, and in the same house, you can solve the problem yourself.

Fixed the problem of not charging the Android phone

In this article, we want to teach you the solutions to solve the problem of not charging your Android phone, stay with Digito until the end.

1. Restart your phone

Turn off and on your phone right before you go any other way. Sometimes the reason your phone is not charging can be a simple communication problem when connecting the cable to the device. To resolve this temporary issue, first restart your phone.

Restarting the device closes all background services and may cause the charging issue to be resolved. In addition, with the restart, the main parts of the phone are updated, which eliminates any problems when performing various tasks. To restart a device, just hold your finger on the power button and select the restart option on the screen.

If after the restart of the device you no longer have the problem of not charging, then your problem is solved and you do not need any other solutions. Otherwise, look at the other solutions in this article.

۲. Put the phone in Safe Mode‌

If your phone still does not charge after restart, the next step is to boot it in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is simply an environment that restricts your phone to the original software only, so it does not run third-party applications that you have installed on your device.

If you are able to charge your phone in Safe Mode, then the problem is with one of the third-party apps on the device. At this time, you should go to the programs that you have recently downloaded, because one of them prevents your phone from charging.

Next, you need to uninstall the apps that you have recently installed on your phone, but you can also do this for apps that you do not trust or do not use. Finally, restart your phone and try charging it.

On most Android phones, to enter Safe Mode, you have to hold your finger on the power button until the power off screen appears. On this page you have to select the off option and hold your finger on it. After this, the phone will restart and enter safe mode. To exit this mode, just restart your device.

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Since not all Android phones have the same performance with different skins, the process of entering Safe Mode may be a little different for your device. If the above method does not work for you, go to the website of your phone manufacturer and find out the instructions.

3. Use of new cables, sockets and adapters

If you are still having trouble charging your phone, you should check the cable you are using at this time. There is a definite possibility in the charging cable or that the adapter itself has a problem. In addition, the socket may be in trouble.

To be sure of such problems, try charging your phone with a new cable, charger and power supply. The easiest way to solve the problem with the cable is to connect the phone to the computer with this cable.

If your phone is charged using the system, then the problem is with the adapter and socket. Otherwise, go for a new cable and use original or reliable accessories.

4. Check for software bugs

If your smartphone is not charging or it is charging but you do not see its icon, you are facing a software bug. To find out if your phone is charging or not, go to an app called Ampere go. This app detects the energy entering your phone.

Ampere is a simple program that shows the charge rate and discharge charge at any time. Ampere also has several functionalities that you can use. This app also shows the health of the battery according to the voltage and temperature.

After installing the Ampere app, connect your phone to the power supply and then open the app to see if it is charging. If your phone is charging but you do not see the icon associated with it, you will encounter a software bug that you will either have to wait until a new update is released or reset it.

If you have a problem with your Samsung phone not charging, a software bug is the cause and you should reset it. If you do not want to install the Amepre app, you can turn off your phone and connect it to the charger. If you encounter a software bug, the screen will light up and the charging icon will be displayed.

5. Clean the charging port

If the Ampere app reports that the phone is not charging or the device does not turn on after turning off and connecting to the charger, the charging port may be dirty. Dust particles can accumulate inside the charging port and prevent the device from charging.

Take a look at the charging port and clean it if it is dirty. You can do this with a soft ear cleaner. To do this, go to a flashlight, because if you are not careful, you may damage the port. You can check the port with a flashlight first before you start cleaning it.

If something is stuck in the charging port, remove it with a SIM card extractor or toothpick. After cleaning the port completely, reconnect your phone to the charger and see if it charges.

6. Investigation of damage due to water penetration

The next reason the phone does not charge can be due to water penetration. Water and electronics are not well connected, and even water-resistant earphones can not be completely safe. If your phone has recently gotten wet and is not charging now, it is very likely that water will prevent it from doing so and is the main culprit.

If in any case you suspect that your phone is damaged by water penetration, do not charge it at all. First of all, you must make sure that the internal parts are completely dry. There are several ways to dry your phone, from putting the phone in a bowl of rice to using a low-temperature hair dryer. With such methods, wait at least a day and then plug your phone into the charger.

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24 hours after drying the phone, plug it into the charger and check the condition. Once the connections are completely dry, your phone will probably recharge and you will not have any more problems.

7. See a repairman

Finally, if none of the above methods solve the problem of not charging your Android phone, you should see a repairman. It is possible that the reason for not charging the phone on or off is due to a hardware problem and you need to change the parts. If your phone is under warranty, it will probably be repaired for free, otherwise you will have to pay for it, so go to a dealer first.

Because so many small parts are involved in charging a phone, charging problems are common, especially on slim and clamshell phones. However, if you encounter such a problem, try the above methods before going straight to repair.

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