How to travel in time with Google Street View?

چطور با گوگل استریت ویو در زمان سفر کنیم؟

Google Street View is a fun and engaging tool for first-person view. You can use this feature to find an address, take a visual look at the streets or even travel back in time. In this article, we want to teach you how to travel in time with Google Street View.

How to view old Street View images?

Google updates Street View data from time to time for some areas, and you can take a look at their past using the desktop version of Google Maps. To do this with your computer browser to the website maps.google.com go. We have to point out that you will not be able to do that with your smartphone.

Now click on the Street View icon (shown in the image below) and drag it. You must leave this icon on the street or road you want. You can also click on the position you want and then click on Tombnell Street View that appears below the screen.

To see old Street View images, look at the top right corner of Google Maps. If you have older Street View images for this area, you will see a clock icon with a flash next to the phrase Street View.

Google Street View Time Travel

Click on this arrow to see images taken by the Street View team in the past. To travel in time with Google Street View, click on the slider below the image and move it back and forth. You can also change the perspective in these images and walk around the area well. Click on the image to view it in full screen mode.

Google Street View Time Travel

To access the latest image, just drag the slider to the right and last year and click on the image again.

The number of images in different areas

Google Maps can be considered the best world map service that is updated every year with new features. However, its historical data is not the same for all regions, and for some regions we have more old images.

For example, the streets around Mountain View, California, where Google is based, Street View data dates back to 2007, when the service was launched. Years after the launch of this service, data from different regions were added to it.

As you can guess, old images have lower quality and resolution than modern images.

If you do not see the clock icon with an arrow next to the phrase Street View, it means that the older image of this area has not been taken by the Google team and you can only see this one photo.

Google Street View Time Travel

Google Maps is a unique tool where you can do different things and find different areas and destinations.

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