How to use the consular services of the carnation system?

چگونه از خدمات کنسولی سامانه میخک استفاده کنیم؟

In order to facilitate the provision of consular services to Iranians around the world, the carnation system (integrated management of consular services) has been designed so that individuals can file a case to process their requests.

Iranians living abroad always need to submit documents, applications and receive various approvals from Iranian consulates. Due to the fact that going through these steps is a time-consuming process, the integrated management system of consular services (clove) has been designed and made available to our compatriots.

The services of this system include various areas such as passport affairs, registration, consular and judicial support, power of attorney, confirmation of documents, etc. To use these services, you must first become a member of the system.
Due to some security and privacy considerations, feedback and information on the results of the request can only be done by automatically sending an email to the individual. Therefore, by sending the completed request, no information and records remain in the system, and any modification or completion of the request information is possible only by referring to the designated agency.

As mentioned, in order to use the consular services, you must Clove system subscribe. You should use the “Login” section at the top left of the first page to register for your next visit.

In the new page, you have to enter your email address and national code, and by entering the security code, click on the “Get a one-time password” option. You can use this option if you have already registered in the clove system and defined a fixed password for yourself.

Clove Consular Services

Then, by referring to your email, copy the sent password and enter it in the specified box.

Clove Consular Services

After entering the system, you must complete your identity information such as name and surname, identity card number, gender, education, etc. Note that you only need to enter the boxes marked in red, and you can leave the rest of the information blank. The strange thing about the design of this page is the section of uploading identity documents, for which you have to click on uploading documents in the third column so that you can attach the documents.

Clove Consular Services

In the next step, it is time to enter the information of your place of residence such as country of residence, address, type and duration of stay, etc.

Clove Consular Services

In the last step, you must confirm the entered information. After confirming the accuracy of the entered information, enter the displayed security code in the box and click on Record Information.

Clove Consular Services

After confirming the details, a window will be displayed to define a fixed password if you wish, so that you do not need to use a dynamic password for future visits to this system.

1630157111 568 How to use the consular services of the carnation system How to use the consular services of the carnation system? 7

Checking “I want to register a fixed password” will take you to a new page where you can enter a password for your account by entering your username (Email). Note that your password must be at least 8 characters long.

Clove Consular Services

Now on the first page of your account you can access the services of the Carnation system, which can include power of attorney, passport and passport application, records such as identity and marriage, student affairs such as requesting certification, consular and judicial support such as certification, Apostille, Citizenship Affairs, and Individual Statistics, Document and Student Verification Section.

Clove Consular Services

Due to the wide range of services provided in this system, for example, we take steps to inquire about the certificate. To do this, click on “Consular and Judicial Support Affairs”. In the new page, go to the “Driver License Inquiry Request” section.

1630157112 970 How to use the consular services of the carnation system How to use the consular services of the carnation system? 11

In the new page, you must enter your certificate number and from the agency section, specify the embassy from which you want to inquire. If you need to inquire about driving records and violations, you can check it.

Clove Consular Services

Then it is time to enter the picture of the driver’s license, proof of residence and passport. Note that the image size must be between 100 and 300 KB and only jpg, bmp and jpeg formats are acceptable. After uploading the images of the documents, click on enter by entering the security code.

Finally, you will see a message that your request has been successfully registered. The receipt has been emailed to you, but you can click on the “Receive Receipt” option and download it in PDF format.

1630157114 354 How to use the consular services of the carnation system How to use the consular services of the carnation system? 14

Note that your tracking code is in this receipt and you must have it with you when you visit the agency in person. To follow up on your request, you must visit or select a representative within a maximum of 90 days. If you do not apply, your application will be archived and you will have to re-register a new application.

1630157114 558 How to use the consular services of the carnation system How to use the consular services of the carnation system? 16

To complete your application you must go through Consular service scheduling system Enter the national number and tracking code to receive an appointment from the consulate. Then, on the specified date, with the original identification documents of your Iranian photographer and valid and the tracking code, refer to the designated agency.

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