Huawei and Bike unveiled the Arcfox Alpha S with Harmony operating system

Huawei and Bike unveiled the Arcfox Alpha S with Harmony operating system

Huawei wants to have a large presence in the electric vehicle market, and in this regard, it has unveiled the Arcfox Alpha S electric vehicle in collaboration with Bike, which uses a harmonious operating system.

Huawei, which recently introduced its advanced intelligent driving system with various equipment such as 4D radar imaging system, with His new car He wants to show his power to his rivals. The Chinese also want to invest $ 1 billion in this market.

With the widespread US sanctions, the Huawei smartphone business ran into trouble and the company sold the Honor brand. Now the Chinese want to move to new industries to increase their income, one of which is the automobile.

Huawei wants to become one of the main players in the world of electric vehicles and cars, and in this regard, it has worked with Bike to introduce its new product.

The Arcfox Alpha S electric vehicle will be available in two versions and was developed in collaboration with Huawei Smart Car Solutions and Arcfox Bike Group. Both models are luxury cars and are also equipped with a harmonious operating system.

Using this operating system can provide buyers with various capabilities, and we will probably see innovations in them in the future.

Various models of this electric car are priced at $ 59,000 and $ 66,000. It is said that the car has a range of 708 km, which is significant and is higher than a car like the Tesla Model Y with a range of 594 km.

According to Huawei Automotive CEO Wang Joon, the company wants to work with several companies to expand its presence in the market. Instead of focusing on car production, the company wants to offer a variety of solutions to industry players.

Along with the Bike Group, Huawei is working with other automakers to develop self-driving cars.

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