Huawei Free After-Sales Service Festival until Nowruz

Huawei Free After-Sales Service Festival until Nowruz

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After-sales service is one of the most important features of digital and electronic products, which for many is considered as a selection criterion in purchasing goods.. It is important for many to know that after purchasing the product, you also enjoy the support of the manufacturer..

On the eve of the new year, Huawei has launched a free after-sales service festival. This project is held every Thursday and will continue until Nowruz. In this festival, the following services will be provided to users.

  • Discount of parts price up to 50%
  • Free hardware services
  • Free software services include operating system updates, application installation, Huawei ID creation, and more
  • Free disinfection and cleaning services
  • Provide a free screensaver (In limited numbers)

To receive the special benefits of this plan, you can refer to Huawei stores and after-sales service centers across the country.. Also for information on the nearest service provider to the page centers Services Official Huawei See. On this page, it is possible to search by province and city, and also the geographical location of the center will be informed to users on the map..

If you need more information in this regard, you can call 02142000 Please call.

Festival Nowruz Huawei

In addition to the Huawei Services Festival, the brand’s Nowruz Festival is also being held. The Huawei Family Festival is an extraordinary sales festival with seven raffle stages Will be held among buyers of Huawei products. The festival will present 112 exquisite awards from Huawei products, the largest of which is a complete package of Huawei products including 5 different devices for 7 The winner will be lucky.

The Huawei Family Festival will continue until Nowruz. Those interested in buying smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches from Huawei can register for the festival, and each product in each category adds a point to the participants’ chances..

For more information on the conditions of the festival and how to participate in it, you can go to the dedicated page Festival Nowruz Huawei Please refer.

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While the «Huawei Mobile Service Centers» It has been set up in important markets of the country and is in fact a platform for providing software and training services for Huawei customers, which has its main focus on providing software services to customers.. These rivers are running in most major cities of Iran and mostly in shopping malls and popular places.

Among the services provided in these centers, the following can be mentioned.

  • Install and update commonly used applications
  • Training and making a special Huawei ID (Huawei ID)
  • Transfer data from old to new phone and learn it
  • Ability to work and get acquainted with Huawei products
  • And other educational and information services

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