Huawei is also working on mobile development with a selfie camera under the screen

هواوی نیز روی توسعه موبایلی با دوربین سلفی زیر نمایشگر کار می‌کند

It seems that after various manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei also intends to use selfie camera technology under the screen in its future phones.

ZTE is currently the first company to launch a device using under-the-screen selfie camera technology, and is now producing its second-generation technology that uses twice the pixel density of the previous generation. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is also expected to benefit from this technology, and Oppo and Xiaomi are also working on new handsets using this technology. now It seams Huawei is also developing a new phone using this technology.

The official documentation of Huawei’s new patent along with its images has been shared by LetsGoDigital, which shows the design of the Huawei phone using the camera under the screen.

According to the published documents, this Huawei phone will probably be a mid-range phone, and apparently its camera module and overall design are very similar to the “Honor X20 SE”. It should be noted, however, that the images provided in the patents do not in any way represent the final design of a product, so the design of Huawei’s future phone using the selfie camera technology under the display may be very different from the final product.

However, on the front of the device, there is a large screen with curved edges and no aperture for the selfie camera. The back panel of the phone also shows a triple camera module, although the sensors are located in the middle of the module in one of the phones and in a strange and uneven way in the left side of the other phone. The volume and power buttons can also be seen around it, and the fingerprint sensor appears to be located on the power button.

Huawei’s new patent has been filed with China National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA), which is not surprising, as China is the only existing market for the company’s products these days, despite sanctions and bans.

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