Huawei is apparently working on developing a device with a flexible roller display

هواوی ظاهرا روی توسعه دستگاهی با نمایشگر رول‌شونده انعطاف‌پذیر کار می‌کند

New patent documents and description of Huawei A device with a new and futuristic design has been revealed. The main point of the Chinese technology giant patent in the design of this device is the use of some kind of technology Flexible rolling display Is.

Huawei patents its title “Flexible display support mechanism and rotating electronic equipment” In the State Intellectual Property Office of China Has been registered. The documents presented in this patent show the design of a device with flexible display technology that is supported by a unique device located at the bottom of the page. The patent description adds that the technology has a simple structure and small storage space, and the Chinese can use it for their future portable devices.

Huawei display with rotation capability

In the images shared from this patent, apparently this display will also have a rotating part. This mechanism seemed to have a kind of rotational power transmission shaft (110) whose two sides were covered by a protective frame. Although not yet known, the rotation process in this technology can be automatic or manual.

There are no further details about this patent and we do not know exactly what the Chinese intend to use it on a mobile phone or other device. It may also be a portable display that performs simple functions with a low-power chipset and very small memory. Finally, it should be noted that the information in this report is based on a patent, and there is currently no way to confirm that the Chinese tech giant is really working on such a product.

Huawei recently named its new clamshell phone Mate Xs 2 Unveiled that uses a Snapdragon 888 and a 50-megapixel main camera.

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