Huawei officially ends its activities in European markets

Huawei officially ends its activities in European markets

Chinese brand Huawei After becoming a global and relatively best-selling brand in 2018, with the imposition of US sanctions in 2019, it broke its back, and now the company’s phone sales business in the global market has suffered major problems, so that the company recently officially exited. announced from the European market.

The US officially blacklisted Huawei for trade in 2019, and the company’s problems have only increased since then. Huawei has been commercially isolated after the sanctions and has also been forced to stop its Kirin chip production.

The company was also forced to sell the Honor brand. However, Huawei apparently does not want to completely exit the smartphone market and the company continues to sell its products in China. Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong has stated that the company is not competing in the mobile phone market and is just surviving, but it seems that the company’s activities in some markets are no longer valuable to them.

Huawei leaving the European market

Currently, Huawei’s presence in the European market has decreased and there is no hope for this situation to return to before the US sanctions, and this has also made this company determined to leave. The CEO of this Chinese company also admitted that due to the sanctions, the company under his command must work more efficiently and optimally, and they no longer have the power and resources to compete in all markets.

Sanctions have primarily affected the US market, but its consequences are also felt in other regions for Huawei, and these sanctions have also affected Huawei’s ability to operate in Europe. Today, Huawei phones are considered a security risk in the European and American markets, and the company has focused its activity and focus on a few markets for now.

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