Huawei registered a new brand “Luban”

هواوی نام تجاری جدید «Luban» را ثبت کرد

Huawei registered the “Luban” brand on May 21st. However, it is not yet clear what products the company intends to introduce under this brand. But according to unofficial informed sources, a new device under this brand is expected to be unveiled soon.

According to Huawei ITHome had previously successfully registered the Huawei Luban trademark on December 20, 2016. The Luban brand is associated with one of China’s most important cultural elements and the historical figure of Le Ban, who is known as the inventor of Chinese architecture and even as an engineer and inventor. Huawei has used names such as “Kirin”, “Kunpeng” and “Hongmeng” for the new names, all of which are considered Chinese myths.

As mentioned, it is not yet clear which of Huawei’s products it intends to introduce under the Luban brand. Earlier this year, the Chinese company introduced a special and beautiful version of the Nova 8 called the King of Glory Edition, which had an interesting design and a different user interface. In the design of the back panel of this mobile phone, purple is used and the Luban character is engraved on it. Apart from the design, other specifications of this phone were similar to the base version of the Nova 8.

Therefore, it can be expected that Huawei will launch a special version of its current device in the future, but the new brand shows that the Chinese company can also build on a new standalone series that has a different design than the company’s other products. , To work. However, we should note that this issue has not been confirmed yet and we should wait for the official announcements of Huawei.

Huawei last month registered two new brands, Novabook and NovaPad.

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