Huawei Vice President announced: The Mate 50 will be on the market, but not soon

معاون هواوی خبر داد: گوشی میت 50 به بازار می‌آید، ولی نه به این زودی‌ها

Exact details and a specific date have not been announced at this time, but Huawei’s deputy director of consumer marketing recently claimed in a post that the family میت 50 It is finally under construction. Has the Chinese giant been able to think of building a powerful flagship again by overcoming obstacles?

Huawei’s decision to build the Mate 50 series is not only gratifying for the fans, but also promises a better future for the company. Huawei Last year, only the P50 was unveiled and there was no news of a new generation of the Mate series. But now said The Mate 50 will also enter the market.

Huawei CEO Li Changzhou did not provide specifics. But in response to a user who hoped to see the Mate 50 at MWC 2022, he replied: “The Mate 50 is coming to market, but Not so soon. “There are a lot of other good products right now that deserve attention.”

Will the Huawei Mate 50 be available this summer?

Although this news does not have many details, but it is the first time that we see the mention of this family after a long time, and this can satisfy some of the fans and keep them hopeful. Earlier in the reports unofficial It was said that a new member of the dead family could be around the moon June 2022 (June or July 1401) to arrive. But it is better not to consider this time period definitively.

If Huawei really wants to introduce its next flagship in late spring or early summer, this phone will probably be able to use chipsets. Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 Or it will be 1st generation plus. However, the Mate 50 will not be able to access Qualcomm’s 5G network due to sanctions. However, we are a long way from the release and many events may change the production path of this family.

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