Hubble Week image: From supernovae to supernovae

Hubble Week image: From supernovae to supernovae

You can see the amazing Galaxy M99 well Hubble’s picture this week See. The M99 spiral galaxy, about 42 million light-years away, is in the constellation Wig Bernice (Coma Berenices).

This galaxy in the category «Large projection galaxies(Grand design galaxies). These galaxies are called large projections because of the high and specific details seen from their spiral arms from Earth.

From supernovae to supernovae

This image of the M99 galaxy was captured with the Hubble Space Telescope’s third open field camera at two different times so that astronomers could study several different astronomical phenomena.

Hubble in the first data recorded from this galaxy, two phenomena نوختر And Supernova Was studied. Constellations are formed by the interaction between white dwarfs and larger stars, which are dimmer than supernovae, which are formed by a very large explosion after the death of massive stars.

However, astronomical theories suggest that there should be a glowing phenomenon between supernovae and supernovae, and that this phenomenon is only in the galaxy. M99 was observed. Astronomers used Hubble’s strong vision to take a closer look at the phenomenon.

The birth of stars in cold gas clouds

The second collection that Hubble compiled for these astronomers was part of Hubble’s larger project. In this project, researchers examined the relationship between young stars and the birth of these stars from cold gas clouds.

In this project, Hubble studied 38 nearby galaxies to identify clusters of young, hot stars. These galaxies with the large millimeter array of Atacama or Alma (ALMA) also monitored for more information. The combination of Hubble and Alma data will allow astronomers to study the details of star formation, paving the way for future scientific observations of the James Webb Space Telescope.

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