Hydraulic steering versus electric steering; Which is a better choice?

فرمان هیدرولیک در برابر فرمان برقی؛ کدام یک انتخاب بهتری است؟

For years, there has been a dispute between car lovers over the choice between hydraulic and electric steering. Now for those people who do not understand this controversy, we are going to compare hydraulic and electric steering.

Currently, with the exception of the Alfa Romeo 4C and similar sports products, all vehicles on the market are equipped with power steering, including hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electric.

This auxiliary force allows you to move the steering wheel with less force. Because the total weight of the wheel, the tire is so heavy that there is a need for auxiliary force.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, several engineers tested early versions of the command with auxiliary force.

Electric steering

The first car to be equipped with auxiliary power steering was the 1951 Chrysler Imperial, which Chrysler named the “Hydraguide”.

Hydraulic steering

It is one of the oldest and most common auxiliary systems equipped with hydraulic fluid, pump, cylinder and a control valve.

In most vehicles, the required power is supplied by a pump. The pump is connected to the engine by a belt. This pump moves the hydraulic fluid positively and adjusts the fluid flow rate according to the engine speed.

Electric steering

This means that as the speed increases, so does the steering speed.

To prevent the vehicle from deviating during overtaking, a control valve sends the pressurized fluid back to the hydraulic tank to prevent the steering wheel from accelerating too much.

Finally, the hydraulic cylinder rotates the wheels by applying pressure to the steering gear. In electro-hydraulic steering, an electric pump is used instead of a pump that draws power directly from the motor. However, this system is not very common and is not used in many products.

Electric steering

Although electric commands have become very popular in recent years. But they are one of the first auxiliary command systems. In 1876, a 5-ton truck in Colombia was electrically operated. However little information is available from its inventor.

Electric steering

The modern electric steering wheel was introduced in the early 1990s and one of the first cars to be equipped with this type of steering wheel was the Honda / Acura NSX.

Here is an electric motor connected to each wheel or steering column and has somehow replaced the traditional hydraulic system.

This command sends electrical pulses to the car ECU with the help of position and torque sensors.

As a result, certain parameters are sent by the ECU to the steering wheel and front wheels.

which one is better?

Hydraulic systems feel better steering and are therefore very suitable for sports cars. But that may not be important for an economy car or a family sedan.

Also, the maintenance cost of this type of command is less.

Electric steering

Although electric steering has a very simple structure, they are more efficient than hydraulic steering in terms of efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and more linear performance.

However, the electric steering used in the current generation Mazda Miata or 5 Series has the same response as the hydraulic steering and is a good choice for driving enthusiasts.

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Finally, hydraulic steering is suitable for sporty driving and higher driving pleasure. However, it does not bring the convenience of electric steering.

As a result, electric steering is suitable for all non-sporty and economical products to reduce driving pressure.

In recent years, however, almost all products are equipped with this type of steering wheel, and automakers have invested in this sector, for example, in the last two generations, even the Porsche 911 steering wheel has been selected as one of the most iconic electric sports cars on the market Only in less advanced super sports can you see the use of fully hydraulic steering.

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