IBM speeds up quantum computers 100 times with new software infrastructure

IBM speeds up quantum computers 100 times with new software infrastructure

IBM has announced improvements to its quantum computing software to increase the performance of these sophisticated devices by up to 100 times.

Quantum computers with all their power still do not catch up with normal systems in some areas. IBM has come up with a solution to this problem, which includes a new programming environment called “Qiskit” that runs some programs at 100 times faster by reducing the latency between normal and quantum systems.

In its new roadmap, the company outlines quantum programs to overcome challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence and sophisticated financial computing over the next two years. Will publish. Much of the company’s software is written in open source technology, which allows developers and other companies to participate and use it.

In a statement, IBM stated that the goal is to reduce the complexity of quantum computing by pointing to a 100-fold improvement in program execution speed. This dramatic improvement means that tasks that currently take months can be completed in just a few hours.

IBM is not the only company to step in and see competitors such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IonQ and Honeywell. Despite all the potential of Quantum, it is still unclear which of these companies can bring computing power from their labs to the real world sooner than the others.

The use of quantum computers involves applying a series of group changes called gates to qubits. With a specific sequence of gates, the quantum computer can perform calculations for specific tasks, such as simulating molecules.

IBM expects to offer application modules and services by 2026 to reduce the difficulty of using these systems. The company is also looking to increase the number of qubits from the current 27 units in the Falcon system to 1121 units in Condor in the next two years, and in 2024 will provide qubit error correction technology that will help increase the stability of quantum computers.

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