Identify an 82-million-year-old dinosaur fossil with scissor-shaped hands

شناسایی فسیل 82 میلیون ساله دایناسوری که دستان قیچی مانند داشت

Millions of years ago, a two-legged dinosaur that looked like hands scissor He was living on the shores of Asia. But this creature seeks out of its razor-sharp hands not to kill other animals, but as a means of search. Edible plants Used.

researchers Hokkaido University of Japan The dinosaur is said to have belonged to a group of Trizinosaurs that were predominantly herbivorous and bipedal creatures. Cretaceous They lived between 145 and 66 million years ago. Japanese and American scientists have recently announced that this bone the youngest Japanese Trizino and the first Fossils of this type are found in the marine sediments of Asia.

This fossil represents a new species of dinosaur that researchers have named “Japnikus paralytic dinosaur»They have left. This genus, which scientists already knew, means “reptiles near the sea.” But now the name of Japan has been added to it to commemorate the location of this fossil.

This hook-like fossil contains part of the vertebrae, wrists, and hands of this creature, which is actually found in Year 2008 Was discovered. However, the fossil has since been housed in the Nakagawa National Museum of History. At the time, the fossil was thought to belong to a Tresinosor, but there was not enough information to draw definitive conclusions.

But now, with the help of new information from other fossils, researchers have concluded that this fossil is 10 cm It was related to Trizino 80 to 82 million years ago He lived. This fossil apparently once held the dinosaur’s blade claws and was used to search for edible plants.

A practical tool for the herbivorous dinosaur

Dinosaur hand scissors

“Anthony Fiurillo, a professor at the South American Methodist University in Dallas who co-authored this article, says:”[این دایناسور] He used his claws not as a tool for violence but as a means of exploration to bring shrubs and trees closer to his mouth. We believe that this animal is zinc Drought “He died and then went to sea.”

Based on these studies in the journal Scientific Reports In addition to Japan, Tertiary dinosaur fossils have been found in North America, and these creatures have been living in habitats over time. Coastal They were used to it. Two other fossils, possibly of this species, have already been discovered in Japan, but their characteristics have not yet been confirmed.

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