Ilan bought the Twitter mask; Popular media in the hands of the richest person in the world

ایلان ماسک توییتر را خرید؛ رسانه‌ای محبوب در دستان ثروتمندترین فرد جهان

It was several weeks ago Ilan Mask By buying 9.2% stake twitter, Became the largest shareholder in this social network. Some time later, the richest person in the world Offer full Twitter purchase And now, after various events, finally the mask and the board of directors of this social network are close to $ 44 billion They agreed.

Several hours ago, negotiations between the Twitter board and Ilan Musk were confirmed; Negotiation that many considered the final step in the acquisition of this social network by the richest person in the world. Now these reports Confirmed And Twitter reaches Ilan Mask.

Mask, who was once supposed to be added to the board of directors of Twitter, now owns this social network to be with the rich like Jeff Bezos And Michael BloombergHave a popular media.

Meanwhile, the Twitter board agreed to sell the social network to Mask, which had previously sought to prevent such a thing by activating the “poison pill” approach. But now, after the necessary investigations and, of course, information about the financing $ 46.5 billion Has accepted the offer of the richest person in the world by Mask.

Mask tweeted indirectly shortly before the news of the Twitter purchase broke; Tweet as follows:

“I hope even my worst critics stay on Twitter, because that’s what freedom of speech means.”

Twitter sales contract to Ilan Mask

When Musk offered to buy Twitter, he said to share $ 54.20 It brings the total value of this social network to nearly $ 44 billion. Now the board of directors of Twitter is satisfied with the same amount and Twitter becomes the richest person in the world.

We do not know exactly what plans Ilan Musk has for Twitter at the moment, but the richest man in the world has long been critical of free speech on the social network, and of course he has been focusing on improving free speech on Twitter for just a few days.

In addition to freedom of expression, probably Twitter algorithm The text is also opened to increase the transparency of its operation. Other possible changes include adding a tweet edit button; A feature that users have long wanted to add to Twitter.

What do you think about Ilan Mask buying Twitter? Is this social network facing fundamental changes? Share your opinion with us and other users.

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