Ilan Mask announced the cause of the explosion of the fourth SpaceX SpaceX rocket

Ilan Mask announced the cause of the explosion of the fourth SpaceX SpaceX rocket

The new StarSpace X prototype, called the SN11, exploded last week while landing on a similar fate to the company’s previous three rockets. However, the weather conditions at the time of the SN11 test were unfavorable and the fog did not allow us to see what had happened to the startup. Now Ilan Musk has tweeted about the cause of the SN11 explosion.

CEO of SpaceX yesterday In a tweet About the last moments of the SN11’s life, he wrote: “A (relatively) small leak in CH4 fuel caused the 2 engine to catch fire and burn aviation electronics. “This put too much pressure on the CH4 turbopump during landing.” Mask promises that this problem will be completely solved.

The SN11 rocket took off from the Starship Development Center in Texas on April 10. In the early stages, everything went well and the SN11 reached a height of 10 km. But on the way back to Earth, the SpaceX live broadcast cameras stopped for a moment. Meteorological radars reported the rocket exploding, and NASA ground-based cameras recorded fragments of the SN11. Eventually, Starship failed to land successfully and exploded.

The SN8 and SN9 rockets exploded at the time of landing, and the SN10 exploded minutes after landing successfully. But the SN11 was the first rocket to explode before reaching Earth. Now it looks like SpaceX has experienced most of the explosions, and we can hope that the company’s next test will be better.

The next rocket is called Starship SN15 and has many improvements over previous versions. The missile is currently assembled and ready for testing. SpaceX hopes to complete the successful landing test of its prototypes soon, and in the next phase, it will probably go to the Starship test in Earth orbit in June and July.

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