Ilan Mask: Human testing of the Neuralink implant is likely to begin in 2021

Ilan Mask: Human testing of the Neuralink implant is likely to begin in 2021

Nuralink startup Ilan Mask pursues a big goal, which is to help people with brain and motor diseases. Now, Noralink seems to be taking a big step towards achieving such a goal, which is to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin human trials this year.

Ilan Musk launched the startup Nuralink several years ago to enable communication between the human brain and machines. While the startup’s technology has evolved in recent years, and even Musk has claimed that a wireless brain implant gives monkeys the ability to mentally play video games, we have not yet seen it tested on humans, something that may change in 2021.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX recently responded to a Twitter user about the possibility of obtaining FDA approval to begin human testing of the Neuralink implant this year. News data. In a recent tweet, Musk noted Nuralink’s close relationship with the FDA:

“Neuralink works hard to ensure the safety of the implant and is closely linked to the FDA. “If everything goes well, we can probably do some basic human experiments this year.”

Nuralink will do a great job if it can make it possible for people with disabilities and paralysis to move again with its implant. In addition, such implants may be able to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s or at least reduce their mortality.

In the middle of last year, the startup unveiled its brain chip and showed how it works on a pig. The chip used in this pig had wires, but according to Mask, we have a wireless chip for the monkeys, which is a big improvement.

Although the human test of the startup implant may begin this year, we will have a long way to go before commercial and major use. Finally, such technologies can have a significant impact on human life.

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