Ilan Mask may be able to pay less for Twitter

ایلان ماسک شاید بتواند بابت خرید توییتر هزینه کمتری بپردازد

Company Hindenburg Research Says Ilan Mask can Less cost Pay for the Twitter purchase deal. The company says that the value of Twitter has dropped significantly since the announcement of the first purchase of shares of this social network by the CEO of Tesla, and therefore Mask can reduce the number of transactions.

According to reports GuardianHindenberg Research says Ilan Musk has a good chance of taking Twitter for less than the agreed figure $ 44 billion Took possession of. “We support Mask’s move to privatize Twitter, and we have a good chance of closing the deal at a lower price,” the company wrote in a note.

Hindenberg claims that the real value of Twitter is even lower than the current stock price of the company and has been able to maintain this price due to the company’s purchase conditions. In other words, if Ilan Musk pulls out of the deal, Hindenberg believes Twitter value is about 50% drop Will find. Tesla’s CEO has to pay $ 1 billion in compensation to Twitter to terminate the contract.

Ilan Mask is pushing the lever against Twitter

The research company also claims that Poor financial reporting results The recent season of Twitter has not yet been applied to the company’s stock price. Hindenberg, who now has a loan position on the social network shares, says: Leverage “Powerfully return to the negotiating table.” Borrowing is done when the trader predicts a drop in the company’s stock price. Twitter shares are currently down 2.6 percent in the vicinity $ 48.50 It is traded.

Part of the cost of buying Twitter is to be covered by some investors, including Morgan Stanley. Mask has taken out a $ 6.25 billion loan on his stake in Tesla and raised another $ 13 billion through debt-based financing. His debt to the banks annually $ 800 to $ 900 million in interest Will impose on Twitter.

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