Ilan Mask registered X Holdings; Tesla parent company, SpaceX and Twitter?

ایلان ماسک شرکت‌های X Holdings را ثبت کرد؛ کمپانی مادر تسلا، اسپیس ایکس و توییتر؟

Documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission show that Ilan Mask recently Three new holding companies Is probably part of his plan to buy Twitter and add other companies under the management of the world’s richest man, Tesla and SpaceX, to a subsidiary of a parent company.

Ilan Mask recently introduced three new companies in Delaware that do not have much tax tightening. Has registered. The first company X Holdings I Has named Mask as CEO, CFO and company representative. Bloomberg says that if the purchase of Twitter is finalized, the company will go to the same holding.

The second company X Holdings II Is called and will be integrated with this social network as part of the Twitter shopping app. Eventually X Holdings III Is the third company to be used to finance the deal. Musk announced last week that he had raised $ 46.5 billion to buy Twitter.

Ilan Mask had previously welcomed the idea

Tesla’s CEO had previously tweeted in 2020 about the idea of ​​putting his companies together in a parent holding company called X. However, he recently said in an interview at the TED conference that he did Complicated “Tesla is a public company, and the presence of investors in Tesla and SpaceX is very different from that of Boring Company and Noralink.”

It was previously rumored that Mask would likely submit a new tender bid directly to the company’s shareholders in a few days. Given the social network board’s strategy of adopting a toxic pill mechanism and resisting the sale of the company, we now have to wait to see what shareholders will think about selling the company to Ilan Mask. According to reports, Ilan Mask apparently spends only $ 10 billion to $ 15 billion of his personal capital on the deal.

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