Ilan Mask: Tesla will produce Robo Taxi without pedals and steering wheel by 2024

ایلان ماسک: تسلا تا سال 2024 روبو تاکسی بدون پدال و فرمان تولید می‌کند

Ilan Mask At the Tesla revenue announcement meeting, about the company’s vision and Robo Taxi Cars talked. According to Musk, these devices will be produced without a steering wheel or pedal by 2024, and the car giant will hold a special event to introduce them next year.

According to Business InsiderMask emphasized in a statement that this car lacks Command Or Pedal Will be, because perfectly for capabilities خودران Optimized. Mask further explained:

“This device is basically optimized to get the lowest possible cost per unit. “I think this will really be a big stimulus for Tesla to grow.”

Holding an event to introduce Robo Taxi

When the mask to provide more details about Robo Taxi Asked, he noted that Tesla may plan to hold an event next year to explore more details about its device.

Over the past few years, Mask has made many references to Robo Taxi. For example, a few weeks ago during the opening ceremony of the factory گیگافکتوری Tesla, a mask of a kind Robo Taxi It was very forward-looking, but did not provide further details or explanations. However, more information about them is now provided by Mask.

With the opening گیگافکتوری‌های More, possibilities Tesla For production has grown over the past few years. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Robo Taxi It’s a new design, and it has to go through a lot of testing before it can hit the market. At the same time, it remains to be seen how true Ilan Mask’s claims will be for the next few years.

Tesla CEO announced during the event Income Yourself with InvestorsAlso announced that the company will produce more than 1.5 million new vehicles and growth compared to the same period last year 60% Will experience sales. The auto giant also reported revenue of $ 18.76 billion, higher than analysts forecast ($ 17.80 billion).

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