Ilan Mask: Tesla’s new plants cost billions of dollars

ایلان ماسک: کارخانه‌های جدید تسلا ضرر چند میلیارد دلاری می‌دهند

Tesla has expanded its production plants in the past few months to produce more cars in less time. However, it does not seem that everything is going according to plan, because “Ilan MaskTesla’s new plants in Germany and the United States have lost billions of dollars due to battery shortages and supply disruptions in China.

It was early spring this year that Ilan Mask opened Tesla’s first gigafactory plant in Europe. Ilan Musk was keen to open the plant and hoped that Tesla could reach its full potential at the plant. However According to the BBCThis plant and other new Tesla factories not only do not seem to have succeeded, but are Damage are.

The huge losses of Tesla’s new plants

The report states that Ilan Musk, CEO of Tesla Automotive, is dissatisfied with the state of their new plants and says that they have not been able to achieve the required profitability. He explained why this happened Lack of battery And Supply problems in China Has stated.

In fact, the mask calls Tesla’s gigafactory factories in Berlin, Germany, and Texas, the United States, “huge furnaces of money.” This means that Tesla is officially burning a lot of money in these factories. The new wave of quarantine has caused problems for Chinese suppliers due to the corona outbreak in China.

Musk said they have placed orders for their vehicles, but the same restrictions in China have prevented custom shipments from reaching Chinese ports. Tesla is now slowly building its cars until the required parts arrive. Of course, Mr. Musk eventually promised that these problems would be resolved soon so that Tesla could produce more of its products.

Earlier this year, Chinese authorities blocked a number of Chinese cities in response to rising coronavirus outbreaks. According to Ilan Mask, the closure of Shanghai was too difficult for Tesla, and most of it stopped production for several weeks.

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