Ilan Mask tweets boosted Dodge Quinn’s cryptocurrency value by 59 percent

Ilan Mask tweets boosted Dodge Quinn's cryptocurrency value by 59 percent

The value of Dogecoin rose dramatically to 59 percent after Ilan Musk tweeted in support of the cryptocurrency, unprecedented even in the crazy world of cryptocurrencies.

DodgeQueen is a cryptographic symbol that allows peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions over a decentralized network. The code, which’s borrowed from an Internet meme and has long been seen as a joke, has now received a great deal of attention, thanks to a series of tweets from Ilan Mask.

The value of DodgeQueen had recently risen 600 percent in 24 hours, and recently Ilan Mask tweeted that the price of each unit had risen 59 percent to $ 0.059 in just 24 hours. Although its value has eased slightly with the easing of excitement, some investors have claimed that they will not be sellers until the price reaches its original target of $ 1.

Mask, happy with the price increase, posted an edited image from the popular movie “The Lion King” yesterday, which shows him raising Dodge Quinn. He wrote in other tweets: “Doha Quinn is the crypt of the people” and “Neither up nor down, just Dodge Quinn.”

Ilan Mask’s tweets have not only increased the value of financial instruments, but also his recent support for signal messengers has boosted its stock value. The same thing happened with the Ets handicraft store after the mask was defined. This is not surprising, because the mask is not only very popular, but also carries the title of the richest person in the world, and many rely on his advice and opinions to buy stocks.

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