Ilan Mask’s $ 5.4 billion donation to a charity in the form of a Tesla stock transfer

کمک 5.4 میلیارد دلاری ایلان ماسک به یک خیریه در قالب انتقال سهام تسلا

Based on documentation US Securities and Exchange Commission Ilan Mask has more than 5 million shares Tesla For ten days in November 2021 to an unnamed charity.

Ilan Mask CEO of Tesla billionaire, in November last year and over a period of more than ten days $ 5 billion Has donated shares of the company to a charity. The announcement comes as Musk has been selling his stake in Tesla in recent weeks.

According to documents provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the mask 5,044,000 Tesla shares Its value is reported to exceed $ 5.4 billion during the ten days of November Transferred to this charity. In these documents the transfer of shares as «Charity giftBut it is not yet clear which charity received it.

Help Ilan Mask solve the world’s famine problem?

However, the mask about a month ago to an article about United Nations World Food Program Replied and Wrote in his tweet That $ 6 billion will be donated to the organization through its shares sold from Tesla, if a detailed explanation of how its money could be a problem World famine To fix.

In November, Musk took to Twitter to ask fans if he should sell a 10 percent stake in Tesla in order to file charges. tax fraud Counteract that almost 58% of the 3.5 million walkers had a positive view of it. Forbes estimated that Musk would have to sell about 17 million shares worth about $ 15 billion to reach his goal, and he sold more than 9 million shares in November.

According to Forbes estimatesLevel Property Ilan Mask’s net worth is $ 242.4 billion, which puts him ahead of people like Rubin Zang, CEO of Contemp Battery Company, and Jeff Bezos. The richest person in the world Converts.

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