Ilan Musk: Russia launches several cyber attacks on Starlink satellites

ایلان ماسک: روسیه حملات سایبری متعددی را روی ماهواره‌های استارلینک راهبرد می‌کند

after that Ilan Mask Decided to make Starlink service widely available in the country Ukraine The Russians were dissatisfied with this decision. Now the CEO of SpaceX says that Russia intends to launch satellites in cyber attacks. Starlink service Disrupt in Ukraine.

According to published reports, there is currently a lot of pressure on Starlink satellites There is. Because Starlink is providing services to Ukraine and Ilan Mask has supported the move, The Russians launched several cyber attacks on them Imported.

Russia’s attempt to disrupt Starlink service

Ilan Mask He wrote in one of his new tweets:

“Starlink has so far resisted Russian parasites and hacking attacks, but they are stepping up their efforts.”

Also, Russian cyberattacks are not limited to Starlink services; According to published reports, the Russians have also reportedly destroyed a number of Internet connections in various parts of Europe and the United States.

According to Reuters Some countries believe that Russia has banned tens of thousands of modems from accessing the Internet for a short time after launching a cyber attack on satellite Internet systems after invading Ukraine on February 24. .

Interestingly, SpaceX promises that even if the fiber-optic or cellular communication infrastructure is down, Starlink services will not be interrupted, and the provision of unlimited connectivity to customers will remain strong.

SpaceX is trying to help Ukraine in the current situation; Due to the conflict between the country and Russia, the residents of Ukraine have faced problems with Internet access. The Starlink service has helped them improve the current situation somewhat.

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