Ilan Musk says crushing costs of lithium could lead Tesla to produce

ایلان ماسک می‌گوید هزینه‌های کمرشکن لیتیوم می تواند تسلا را به سوی تولید آن سوق دهد

Ilan Mask Announced in a tweet Tesla Due to the sharp rise in prices Lithium, It may enter the metal extraction and refining industry directly or indirectly in the future.

Mask on Your tweets The price of lithium is said to have skyrocketed, while this element is ubiquitous and there is no shortage of it, only its extraction and refining is slow. It should be noted that Ilan Musk made this statement in response to another tweet that shows the average price of lithium per ton during 10 It has been the last year.

Tesla is likely to enter the lithium mining industry

It should be noted that according to statistics Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the price of this metal increased at the same time last year 480 percent had. Ilan Musk’s statement is also true not only of the existence of major global lithium sources, but also of information Geographical Research Organization of AmericaThe metal mines are also available throughout the country.

Ilan Mask hints at the possibility of Tesla entering the field of lithium mining

Lithium is very valuable in the field of electric vehicle batteries due to its minimal weight and density between solid metals, which means that lithium batteries can provide a high rate of power per weight, which is the case with Transportation is an important factor.

It should also be noted that Ilan Mask’s Friday tweet was not the first time he had come up with such an idea, and Tesla in 2020 After reaching an agreement with a company active in this field, the rights and rights of lithium extraction in the state نوادا Has registered.

Given all this, it can be said that Ilan Mask’s new claim and Tesla’s activity in the field of lithium extraction is not far from the mind and will probably come true in the near future.

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