Ilan Musk: Starlink will not become a public company until at least 2025

ایلان ماسک: استارلینک حداقل تا 2025 یک کسب‌وکار سهامی عام نمی‌شود

Ilan Musk has told his SpaceX staff that the satellite Internet business Starlink The company is likely to be a public company by 2025 or later (IPO) Will not be. He also stressed that Starlink must have uniform and predictable conditions before it can be made public.

As CNBC explains in its report“Mask said in his comprehensive meeting with SpaceX staff:

“I’m not exactly sure when the company will go public, but I’m just guess it might be three or four years from now.”

“Once SpaceX has reached its monotonous and predictable state, it can make a lot of sense to turn it into a public company,” Musk said.

He went on to warn employees that they should not consider publicizing the company as a way to get rich. “Public markets are unstable,” he explained, and if they fail to meet expectations, they will face many problems.

Continuous delays in Starlink’s generalization program

In 2019, Ilan Musk sent an email to SpaceX employees saying that it would probably make sense for Starlink to become public in the next three years or so. So according to previous plans, Starlink’s satellite internet service was to be ready for its initial public offering this year, or publicity.


However, he did last year Announced in a tweet SpaceX is “at least a few years away from the time when Starlink revenue is reasonably predictable,” adding that “it would be very painful to make it public at that time.”

Starlink SpaceX satellite internet service is designed to provide high speed internet to the whole world through thousands of satellites in orbit. While it was said last month that the service has more than 400,000 subscribers from around the world, it has also been widely criticized. Earlier in the week, for example, a report said Starlink Internet speeds in the United States had almost halved. In addition, customers were dissatisfied with the price increase and poor service.

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