Ilan Musk wants to build a new city in Texas with the Dojquin currency

Ilan Musk wants to build a new city in Texas with the Dojquin currency

SpaceX CEO Ilan Musk is considering building a town called Starbase around the company’s Texas launch and production area.

According to an official SpaceX report, Musk has already spoken to state officials about his interest in merging the village of Boca Chica and the city of Starbis. As usual, he tweeted that he was building Starbis, Texas. He went on to point out his project to colonize the Red Planet, noting that the city of Starbucks is a prelude to further development. is considered. He also continued his tweet with the phrase “From there to Mars. And then to the stars.

According to the financier, who is currently the second richest person in the world, the city of Starbucks will occupy areas much larger than Boca Chica and will become a good place to launch SpaceX missiles and build Starbis missiles. Boca Chika Village is a place where SpaceX has been testing and producing prototype missiles since 2014.

In his remarks, Musk outlined some of the features of the new city, which he said would be dominated by Dodge Quinn.

Judge Eddie Trivino, a judge in Cameroon, Texas, confirmed that SpaceX had informed authorities of Ilan Musk’s statement about the merger of Boca Chica and Starbis. The company further states that the company must comply with all state statutes and any lawsuits filed against the company will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

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However, the 49-year-old seems determined to build his main base in Texas. SpaceX also has a missile test center in McGregor and plans to build a manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. However, in July 2020, it was announced that Tesla’s next plant would be built outside of Austin.

Last December, Musk confirmed he was moving from California to Texas. He also simultaneously auctioned off all his assets in Los Angeles to start the Mars colonization project more quickly.

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