Ilan rejected the mask of spying from China by Tesla cars

Ilan rejected the mask of spying from China by Tesla cars

While denying that the company’s vehicles are being used to spy on China, Tesla CEO Ilan Musk said he would shut down Tesla if that were true.

The Chinese military has claimed that cameras installed in Tesla’s electric vehicles are intended to collect intelligence data and to ban the use of Tesla vehicles by government and military personnel. China is Tesla’s largest market after the United States, accounting for almost a quarter of the company’s global sales by 2020. Statements by Ilan Mask Has been in response to these claims.

Ilan Musk said yesterday that if a particular business gets involved in spying on a foreign government, it will naturally have negative effects for that company. He said in a video call to an influential business forum in China:

“There is a very important incentive for us to keep all our information confidential. “If Tesla used its vehicles to spy in China or anywhere else, we would shut down the company.”

Recently, the activities and presence of large American companies in China or the activities of Chinese companies in the United States have caused a lot of inconvenience and problems. Relations between China and the United States, the two economic hubs of the world, have been strained for years. Earlier this week, officials from both countries sharply criticized each other in the first high-level talks between the Chinese government and the administration of US President Joe Biden.

But Mask called for increased mutual trust between China and the United States. He sought to downplay concerns about companies that share sensitive data with their local governments, citing the TickTack video platform, which is owned by China.

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Ilan Mask, Tesla, announced in 2018 that it would set up a car plant in Shanghai, China. Tesla thus became the first foreign automaker to operate a plant in China. China, on the other hand, is the world’s largest car market, and its government spends heavily on promoting electric vehicles, which helped Tesla make $ 721 million in profits by 2020.

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