Image release and confirmation of PowerColor Red Devil RX 7900 series graphics card

Image release and confirmation of PowerColor Red Devil RX 7900 series graphics card

Taiwanese company PowerColor Just like Asus, which for the first time unveiled the custom designs of its new Radeon RX 7900 XT, RX 7900 XTX and TUF series graphics cards, announced the release of this series of products, and this company also launched its series of graphics processors with a special design on 23 D supplies.

The new PowerColor RX 7900 XT cards come with triple fan support and appear to be thinner than 3 slots. The design of this series of cards is similar to the high-end series of this company, i.e. PowerColor Red Devil, and these products will be among the high-end graphics cards of this company.

The company also mentioned in a post on social networks that it was inspired by its Devil 13 series to design these products, and the company has already sold its Devil 13 series cards as flagship products. However, PowerColor has not confirmed which series the exact card in the published images belongs to, but it is likely that both cards will use the same cooling design.

PowerColor 7900 graphics card

In the past weeks, this company published news about the possibility of the release of the Devil series of products, but it is not clear whether the image that was published in the past weeks was the details of the back of this card or it was just a design for a version of the card that is probably going to be with Cool. liquefier to be supplied.

As previously covered by us, this Taiwanese company is working on the Hellhound graphics card series, and both cards from this series are scheduled to be released on December 13th, the official release date of the AMD Radeon 7900 graphics processor series.

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