Improve the quality of sleep with the new LG AirPods

Improve the quality of sleep with the new LG AirPods

LG Electronics has introduced a new wireless earbud called Breeze, which aims to improve the quality of sleep for users. Breeze earbuds Developed by SleepWave and launched by LG’s CIC unit, it consists of a wireless headset and a mobile app that displays sleep data.

LG Breeze earphones

LG AirPods improve sleep

This headphone is designed to be used while sleeping and, using brain wave detection technology, plays sounds appropriate to those conditions in different parts of sleep. With this, the user falls asleep more easily and experiences better quality sleep. This headphone also has an ergonomic design so that you will not be disturbed while sleeping.

In addition to a wide range of built-in sounds, including brainwave-tuned sounds, lullabies and nature sounds, Breeze can also sync to music or YouTube videos. The accompanying mobile application also analyzes the user’s sleep data and provides recommendations to improve sleep quality, such as changing night routines and proper timings for sleeping. he does.

The purpose of Breeze earbuds

With continuous and real-time monitoring of brain waves, Breeze is able to accurately detect different stages of sleep, including hypnosis (a state of alertness before falling asleep) and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, as well as light and deep sleep. With this data, Breeze can offer better methods based on the user’s specific sleep patterns and needs.

Overall, Breeze aims to help users sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed by using a combination of brainwave-tuned sounds and customized recommendations. In fact, the new LG AirPods are trying to improve the sleep quality of users.

LG plans to reveal more details about the Breeze earbuds at CES 2023. So far, information such as charging, price and release date has not been announced. In addition to this smart gadget, LG will unveil the SC9 and SE6 Dolby Atmos sound bar series at the CES conference.

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