In 2015, Apple went one step further with the acquisition of Time Warner

اپل در سال ۲۰۱۵ تا یک قدمی خرید شرکت «تایم وارنر» پیش رفته بود

In 2015, Apple came up with the idea of ​​buying Time Warner. ITunes CEO Eddie Q says negotiations between the two companies have not reached an advanced stage because Tim Cook was reluctant to make such a purchase.

News Agency CNBC In its report, it published interesting information about the behind the scenes of the negotiations between Apple and Time Warner. Eddie Q reportedly met with Time Warner Vice President Jeff Bux and Vice President Olaf Olafsen in 2015 to discuss the idea of ​​exclusive distribution of the company’s content on the Apple platform. Turner and HBO network content was likely to be sold by Apple on a monthly basis.

The talks lasted several weeks and involved Cook, but the parties ultimately failed to agree on costs and marketing. Broadcasting Turner network content outside of cable bundles could provoke protests from pay-per-view network companies, and Apple was worried about upsetting its media partners.

In addition, there were concerns that Apple or Time Warner’s withdrawal from this exclusive partnership would jeopardize the future of their partnership. That prompted Cook, Q, and Bux to talk briefly about Apple buying Time Warner. Q was willing to buy the entire Time Warner series, but Cook refused to accept the deal, which could cost $ 100 billion. Buick, on the other hand, did not expect the negotiations to go anywhere, and eventually Time Warner was sold to AT&T.

Now AT&T has merged Warner Media and Discovery, and the conditions have been created so that it is possible to sell the company resulting from the merger of the two companies later. CNBC says Apple will be one of the few companies that can afford Warner Media-Discovery.

Apple launched the Apple TV Plus streaming service a few years later, but the acquisition of WarnerMedia could give the company the content Cupertino needs to compete with services like Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus.

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