In 2020, Google rewarded security researchers with $ 6.7 million

In 2020, Google rewarded security researchers with $ 6.7 million

Google Announced The company’s Vulnerability Rewards (VRP) program was developed in 2020 for Chrome browser, web services and Android. In 2020, Google paid $ 6.7 million in rewards to security researchers, a record of its kind.

This amount was $ 6.5 million in 2019. 662 researchers from 62 countries have been rewarded by Google, with the highest reward being $ 132.5.

Chrome browser as a whole, with 300 bugs reported by researchers, with an increase of 83% compared to the previous year, contributed $ 2.1 million. Android is next with a reward of $ 1.74 million.

Google allowed researchers to report problems with developers of Android 11. In general, the share of this version of Android in the Google Rewards program, with 11 reports, was more than $ 50,000. It should also be noted that these issues were resolved before the final version of this update was released.

“In addition, we have launched a number of other pilot rewards programs for areas such as the Android car operating system and Android chipsets,” Google said. “We are also working on more exciting developments and initiatives in our plans in 2021.”

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Meanwhile, security researchers were able to receive a $ 270,000 reward from Google for reporting problems with Google Play. Google’s Vulnerability Rewards program also doubled in 2020 compared to the previous year, and Google managed to solve more than 100 problems in 60 different products.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Google’s Vulnerability Rewards program, and last year 180 security researchers submitted 200 reports to Google to reward the search giant.

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