In an open letter, Apple employees called for a change in the company’s internal policies

کارمندان اپل در نامه‌ای سرگشاده خواستار تغییر در سیاست‌های داخلی شرکت شدند

Apple employees continue to criticize the company, and now a group of them have made their demands clear in open letters, seeking to change the tech giant’s domestic policies.

The movement, now known as # AppleToo #, goes beyond personal litigation to blame Apple’s domestic policies for the company’s problems. The demands of Apple employees are as follows Has been announced:

1. Separating digital and physical assets of Apple and employees in all corporate policies.
۲. Provide fair, equal and transparent rewards for all Apple employees.
3. Audit of all third party relationships.
4. Accountability of different teams of the company from employees to high-level managers.
5. Establish a mechanism for hearing employees’ voices and providing a transparent platform for receiving feedback.

Some of these requests are a bit vague, especially in the case of fair rewards, but it must be admitted that addressing such issues in one sentence or a few short paragraphs is not easy. However, according to other clauses, it seems that the main problem of employees is the lack of a proper system for reporting errors. A part of this letter states:

“Employees, despite the question-and-answer sessions held in different units, face a lot of resistance to expressing their concerns. This has left people unsure of who to trust and who to turn to to solve their collective problems.

Hundreds of us have reported examples of abuse, discrimination and harassment. “Hundreds of us have submitted our reports through internal channels, but no assistance has been provided.”

Apple employees are asking foreign organizations to review the company’s reporting structures. In addition, in the privacy debate, it is said that Apple is pressuring its forces to sync their iCloud private information with their devices. By doing so, Apple can access this information in accordance with the rules.

Overall, Apple’s work environment seems to have a variety of flaws, and employees expect to be able to take a step back through their current issues through the #AppleToo movement.

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