In Android 12, you can probably turn off your device with Google Assistant

در اندروید ۱۲ احتمالا می‌توانید با گوگل اسیستنت دستگاه خود را خاموش کنید

Users in Android 12 can activate Google Assistant by holding down the power button. Now, instead, Google has made it possible for you to turn off your phone with voice commands through this smart assistant.

website 9to5Google, By examining the code of the latest version of the Google Search application, has found that in this program, there is a guide on the new method of using Google Assistant. This guide says that there are two ways to turn off the device in Android 12. The first way is to press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. However, experiments have shown that this feature still does not work in the first beta of Android 12.

The second method, which seems more attractive, is to use the Power off command via Google Assistant to turn off the device. Now if you give such an order, Google Assistant will either tell you that such control is not available or show you the correct way to turn off the device.

It is not clear at this time whether using this command directly shuts down the device or puts a familiar Power menu in front of you to select the option yourself. Additionally, we do not know if this feature will be limited to Pixel phones or if it works on all Android 12 devices.

Google usually uses three different methods in its experiments to do each task. So we have to wait to see which methods will eventually lead to the final version of Android. Android 12 includes various changes in terms of appearance and user experience. The operating system uses a new design language called “Material U” which has a more modern and colorful design method.

Google Assistant Now, in addition to using the Hey Google voice command, it can also be called from the corner of the screen by holding down the power button.

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