In less than a month, Xiaomi has launched more than one million May 6s

In less than a month, Xiaomi has launched more than one million May 6s

Xiaomi CEO Lee Joon posted a post on China’s Weibo social network announcing the release of more than one million May 6s to global markets. The largest supply volume is related to the Chinese market. May 6 has been available to users in the Chinese market since April 4, and then in other markets.

This statistic while by Xiaomi CEO Will be announced In 17 days, the company was able to launch one million May 3s. Mayband 4 also set the same record in its name in 8 days with more speed.

Wearable gadgets helped Xiaomi maintain its second place in the wearable market. Xiaomi’s first smart wristband was introduced in 2014 and was introduced to the market, which did not have any special features and was in fact a very simple product. In fact, the company’s first band was not even equipped with a heart rate monitor. But Xiaomi was able to sell 10 million copies of this bracelet in 9 months.

The new Mayband models have more features and their price is higher than the original version. In an interesting move and in promotional boxes, Xiaomi has put together all the models of the wristband to show the evolution of its smart wristbands. Of course, these boxes are only for show and are provided to the company’s sales representatives in China. In fact, users can not buy this new pack, which includes all models.

The Mi 6 uses a 1.56-inch OLED display. The display of this wristband is 50% larger than before and with a density of 326 pixels per inch, it is one of the most transparent screens in this area. The maximum brightness of this page reaches 450 nits so that you can use it easily in all conditions.

Mayband 6 also has new capabilities. This wristband can detect and monitor 30 different activities. Six different activities, including walking outdoors, exercising on a treadmill and cycling, are detected completely automatically. The gadget is also equipped with a blood oxygen meter or SpO2 sensor that monitors the oxygen saturation of your blood during exercise or sleep.

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